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Alphabetical List of Educational Board Games

These 103 games were designed as part of EDTEC 670 and are not available for sale. Write to the authors for permission to create your own version of the games. They'll say yes!


Across the Board (2002)
ADDIE (1995)
Animal Town
Around the World (2004)
Art Gallery Game (2001)
Auto Shop (1998)

Baby Steps
Baja Blast (1999)
Balance Your Plate (1995)
Battling Samurai (2004)
Blustery Day
Bumper Car Rally (1995)
Body Link (1996)
Battle of Dark Age Britain (1997)
Nuts and Bolts of the Big Six (1998)

California Missions (2000)
Christopher's Crossing (1995)
Concert Hall
Con-Quest (2001)
Citizenship (1997)
¿Cómo Son? (1998)
Corps of Discovery (2002)



Diaper Derby (1997)
Dino Dig (2000)
Dominatus (1999)
A Drop in the Bucket (2004)

Earth Trek
The Ed Tech Life
Efficiency Review Survival (2004)
Effective Meetings (1998)
Escape from Mom's House (2001)
Eureka (2002)

First Day of School (2000)
Flow (1997)
5150: Negotiation Skills (1997)
Footprints in the Forest (2002)
Follow the Drinking Gourd (2002)
Found Walking: Liverpool (1999)
Flush! (1998)


Geographically Speaking (1995)
The Great Fish Story
GMAT Proctor Prepper (1997)
Golf Challenge (2001)
Got Wings? (1999)
Grocery Grab (1998)

Hex Go
Home Health Professional
Horse Sense (1996)
How Does Your Garden Grow? (1995)


I-Game for Teachers (2000)
Indian Life
Integer Matrix(2001)


Jugandopalabras (1998)


Kids' Stories (2000)

The LAN That Time Forgot
Lunar Prospector (1998)


Maestro! (1999)
Magellan 2000 (2000)
The Magic Castle
Math Designs
Mission Commander (1995)
My European Vacation
My Immune System
Math Mall (1997)
Mountain Pursuit (2000)
Mr. Magnet's Scrambled Sentences (2002)
Mush! The Iditarod Board Game (2004)

The Nanny Game (2002)
Network Security: Protect and Defend (2004)
Neuron Nemesis (1995)

Odd or Even
On the Right Track


Pacific Coast Trail
Pantheon (1999)
Pathways to Leadership (2000)
Pax Romana (2004)
PEMDAS Racer (1996)
Photojournalists Through Time
Pick a Planet
Practice: Psychology License Prep (2001)
Private Matters
Prodiability (1997)
Pulitzer Prize (1996)


¿Quien Es? (2004)
Race for the Master's (1995)
Race Ready (1999)
The Recycle Team
Road to Recovery
Reel Film (1998)
Rock Cycle Race (2000)
Rescue Roscoe (2000)


San Diego Adventure (2004)
San Diego Wings (1997)
San Diego Map Game (2000)
Sea Turtle Survival (1997)
Scramble for Africa (2001)
Simple Machines (2004)
Snapshots in Time (2002)
Spend a Million
Staying Alive
Sultans and Sentences (1995)


Take Back Your Community (1996)
Tangram Race (1999)
Tijuana Turista
Time to Choose
Time to Upgrade (2000)
Tribal Survival
A Trip to Mexico (1996)


The University Game
Uniting the States (1998)

Zip-A-Zit (2000)


Voyage Around Catalina (2002)

Wheelin' Around (1996)
Where's The Beef???
The Web (1998)
Who's Eating Who? (2002)
Wholes: The Game (2004)

X Equals

You're in the Chips
You've got Some Nerve! (2004)

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