Monday, December 06, 2004

Have a wiki on the sidebar

Iíve subscribed to wwwtools for education for 3 or 4 or so years now. About a year ago, they adopted a policy of asking politely for donations to support the work, but allowing subscribers who chose not to donate. That policy continues. A donation allows access to a more extensive library of past newsletters. When I have or take time to pursue the links included in the newsletters, they are often fascinating and give an amazing view of the vastness of educational resources only a hyperlink away. But wwwtools isnít the primary reason for this note. The latest issue of wwwtools has a fascinating link to what is described as an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser ďthat puts a wiki (an editable web page) into the sidebar of the Firefox browser, indexed off the url of the current page...could be described as a wiki-margin for the internet. Possible suggested uses are: See Also references; commentary and discussion; notetaking; a roaming blog.Ē Iíve installed the extension and there it is on my Firefox sidebar though I havenít figured out how Iíll use it yet.
Subscribe to wwwtools.
Check out the wiki extension for Firefox.


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