Friday, December 17, 2004

Wikipedia:Wiki Game

Here's something vaguely akin to the Glass Bead Game:

"The Wiki Game is a hypertextual game designed to work specifically with Wikipedia. It was first conceived by a collection of avid Wikipedia enthusiasts at Amherst College in Massachusetts. The Wiki Game requires no purchase of product, just a web browser and a time-keeping device (optional).

The Rules

To begin, a random page on the Wikipedia database is loaded (Random page link in the left navigation menu). The player is then given twenty seconds to orient him/herself to the subject matter on that first website (called the 'Homing Page'). Once this 'Reading Period' is up, the player is then transported to completely different topic page after a series of hypertextual selections ('clicks'). More specifically, this displacement is caused by first selecting a random link on the Homing Page and then on ten subsequent pages.

ex. The Homing Page is Quentin Tarantino. On this page, a random link would be 1993. From there, the next selection could be Bill Clinton, followed by free trade, etc. One could theoretically end up at collective farming; that's the surreal beauty of it!

After arriving at the final page in the randomized succession, the player must reorient him/herself and begin playing the actual game. It is the object of the game to find one's way back to the Homing Page using as few clicks as possible. The player can use any wiki-link inside the contents of any entry page they come across. These links can appear as either images or words."

Something to try now that the Break has broken.


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Kat said...

This game was surprisingly really fun! I couldn't stop playing it. I think the game I'm proudest of was getting from Georges Lacombe back to Kok Ksor is five clicks. Yea for me!

What's great about this game is its simple elegance. I was thinking how well it could be applied to any online database. For instance, the museum that I used to work for in Seattle has millions (litterally) of photographs online. If the descriptions or key words were hyperlinked, you could easily play this game with those images and learn about Seattle history at the same time. Well done.


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