Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Visual Search Engine

The discussion yesterday on branches in the path, and choices and decisions as they relate to board game content and structures got me thinking about a meta search engine called KartOO that uses a visual display interface. Search queries are sent to a set of search engines; gathered results are compiled and represented by KartOO as a series of interactive maps.

The visual map display shows several different results represented as page icons. By highlighting or moving your mouse over one of the page icons, the different relationships between the various search results will be shown. In addition to the visual map display, there is always a hierarchical outline displayed that is interactive with the map display.

As I tend to be a highly visual person, I find this type of display useful. This is especially so when I am not familiar with how some content or information new to me relates to content with which I am more familiar. Possibly this search tool might be useful for identifying the content structure relationships in terms of branches and obstacles for reality based board games. Examples might be how to fill out a tax form, or how to remodel a home.


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