Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Role Playing Alternatives To Second Life

While not an environment like Second Life, Conflict Lab, winner of the 2004 Apple Design for Education, offers media-rich, interactive web-based role-playing based on national and international conflict scenarios. Currently used in university level courses, Conflict Lab offers students the opportunity to participate in opposite sides of a structured negotiation process. Unique resources provide just-in-time coaching, and help participants learn negotiation, communication, leadership, team-building, critical thinking and conflict resolution skills.
Conflict Lab currently offers eight high-quality on-line simulations ranging from environmental and political concerns to cross-cultural and domestic situations. Each one offers a complex and thoughtful experience into the complexity of conflicting views and solutions in a visually enticing interface.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Matt Soria said...

Thanks for the information. Being new to SL and other applications like it, this information helps be understand and think about what types of resources are available and what best fits my needs.


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