Saturday, December 10, 2005

Virtual schools

While designing our e-game I've been online with two different virtual schools. They are very different from each other. Virtual Schools is one and Sim Teach is the other. I was overwhelmed by both of them. I wanted to just log in and start playing. One of them had to many directions and the other not enough direction.
Virtual Schools used cartoon like figures and schools. I wandered the halls and walked into the classrooms. When I walked in I couldn't find out what to do, so I just walked out. The only thing that I could find is my desk with a list of things to do. The directions for this site went on forever and that was very frustrating. After reading pages and pages of them, I just wanted to play so I skipped to the end of them. Since they were so long any thing that I did read I forgot by the time I got to the game.
While on Sim Teach I found out how to log in and create a classroom. I chose my students and met the rest of the staff. After I did that I didn't know what else to do. So I logged off.
It may have been just me being impatient, but both of these virtual simulations were not very useful to me.


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