Monday, October 30, 2006

my second experience in SL with Mari

This morning I was in SL and to try to go around in different places (teleports) and explore SL. First I visited German Castle Ruin. I saw bunch of people talking German. I understand that I am in the wrong place :). I try to speak them English, some of them responded and they said they know little English. Luckily I met Mari and she invited me in a teleport that we traveled through in history, which was England castle (I am not sure). We discussed several things that I was curious about SL; such as how people teach in SL, applications (distance education, conferences, etc), little bit its history, how can we design a teleport in SL, etc. When we were talking we heard some animal noices (lion and sheep). We discussed how these types of noises could affect on people learning during the class. It was a beneficial conservation for me. Thank you Mari again. Here is my snapshot with Mari, sitting together next to a waterfall.


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