Sunday, October 29, 2006

Second Life experience

This is the first time I heard about SL and experience SL in this class. I was confused at beginning and I think information in this virtual world is really overwhelming. But later I found it was not that difficult as it looked at beginning. It just takes time to practice. Hanging around in different places, talking with others, singing in a team, it is interesting. And I seem to understand why it is called second life. It is really a proper name for this game or this virtual world. Everyone can experience a different life or a life that they can not have in real world. I am thinking it may be used to do psychotically consulting.

I tried to go to different places, including the Help Island, Iris, and SDSU. It is so cool that I can fly in SL, that is my dream in childhood. One funny thing is when I sat down and stood up again, I do not know why I flied up. And when I tried to land on the ground, I found I can not land down. Keeping press the page down button, I was just hanging and struggling over the ground. Somebody near me told me that it seemed I was hanged up. And another guy told me it seemed that I was animated and I can go to Tool menu and click the stop all animation button. It seemed work. Teleport is a function. I can use search function to find any place I want to go and teleport directly to that place. And I found when I greeting somebody near me, some of them greeted back and some of them just run away.

This guy is called Earfull. I met him in the Halloween store. He is interesting. I talked with him for a while. He asked me how to run. And he was so excited when he flying. When he saw I can also fly, he was surprised like a child. He called himself superman. And he taught me how to build things. He is nice. Following are two snapshots of the Luxor in Las Vegas and the House of Zen.


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