Friday, October 13, 2006

Video Games: More than child's play for leaders

I'm in Toronto for the rest of the week. This morning, as I flipped through Canada's newspaper, The Globe and Mail, a headline jumped out at me. "Video Games: More than just child's play." Perfect, I thought. I was just going to browse the web for gaming articles for the EdGames blog.

The article speaks of how a simulation was used with Ontario Power Generation, Inc.'s managers as part of a leadership-development exercise. The task at hand was turning around a failing technology company. OPG manager Judy Wood says that the intent is to "teach managers to become better decision-makers through computer simulations where, as in life, every choice has a consequence." Hopefully these managers will take the experience, the feelings, the set backs, and the consequences that were dished upon them for their decision making, and apply what they have learned to their daily job responsibilities.

The article goes on to discuss how simulations and video games have become a popular tool for training and as part of a blended learning experience in training programs.

It's a quick read, and is relevant to Allison's 685 class in that it covers some use of simulation for performance improvement.

If you're really into it, The Globe and Mail had a company create their own simulation on running a hockey team. You can play it as well on

Here is the article:
Video Games: More than just child's play


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