Saturday, November 11, 2006

Second Life in New York Times

Matt Gross recently wrote an article, “It’s My (Virtual) World,” published in the New York Times. The article reflects on Gross’s weekend spent in Second Life’s virtual reality. Gross describes Second Life (SL) as a “casual travel destination” that is not really a game in the sense that we usually understand them; it’s not like the multiplayer online role-playing games with the primary object being winning a competition. Gross adds, “The goal is simply to interact with the million-plus other residents, explore the planet and, in a unique twist, create new parts of it.”

The article also enables neophyte Second Lifers to slightly understand the technical side of the virtual world as well as various business implications; in particular, growing attention from companies like American Apparel who are looking to advertise and sell their products in the virtual world. Additionally, Gross mentions events he attended based on recommendations found at

This is a useful resource for our class and others interested in the vast opportunities within SL. At the end of the article Gross even lists his own recommendations for places to visit, shop, see, and do. Furthermore, Gross writes vividly about his experiences, making this article an interesting read.


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