Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wells Fargo

I found this article interesting. It is about a video game that helps young people learn financial responsibility .Wells Fargo Bank has introduced a pilot project of an online video game built inside Second Life. The pilot project, known as Stagecoach Island, invites groups of people to help them learn something about money management in a fun and engaging way. Although Second Life is open to everyone, the Wells Fargo islands are accessible only by those who have received invitations from the bank, so it is branded entirely as a Wells Fargo environment.

“Stagecoach Island players are given $30 in imaginary money with which to buy clothes, pay for rides and the like. The idea, though, is to teach the players to save money--they earn 10 percent per day on "deposits"--and to learn new things about money management through a series of quizzes that, when completed, reward players with $5 of new funds.”


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