Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Train For Success

Over the summer I had a great experience with Cathy Arreguin in her EDTEC 700 course on Multi-User Virtual Environments. During that class we had to find and attend an instructional class or session presented in Second Life. The learning event I attended was led by Anders Gronstedt, the owner of the Gronstedt Group which specializes in innovative and next generation training programs in marketing, branding, sales, and corporate communications. The Gronstedt Group continues to hold a weekly learning event at its "Train For Success" location in Second Life.

Tomorrow (Thursday, 9.00 AM SLT) at the "Train for Success," Jeff Corbin will be presenting to talk about the University of Denver's ambitious project to develop nuclear engineering training in SL. Jeff created SciLands, the archipelago of science islands in Second Life, and his team just received a $200,000 federal grant to teach nuclear engineering in Second Life.

Again, it is at the "Train for Success" tomorrow Thursday, 9.00 AM SLT.
Here's a link to the SL location: Gronstedt Group

If you are not able to attend tomorrow, try to attend another event at the "Train for Success."

SciLands Blog
Gronstedt Group


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