Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mission Migration

Mission Migration

Mission Migration is a game created by the Audubon Society. The object of the game is to migrate your flock safely through three regions, the country, the suburbs, and the city.
The game became an entertaining challenge in-flight because the flock has to dodge aircraft and storms, which diminish the life of your flock. When the flock touches down to rest, the player must target areas that will improve the health of the flock. From a birdís-eye view, it is difficult to differentiate between a clean puddle of water or a poisoned one. A tasty berry bush might have a cat in it. That sweet mole you saw from the sky could actually be one that was poisoned.

Mission Migration gives the players an opportunity to see the challenges that face migrating birds and how choices that humans make impact the trip. Migration is a difficult concept for elementary aged children, because they donít really see it. Therefore a game like this would benefit my curriculum regarding animals, habitats and adaptations. I appreciate that if focuses on the choices we make as humans that can affect the lives of the migrating birds. Through playing this game, I learned that using pesticides has the greatest impact because wildlife because it not only kills the bugs. but also poisons the other food sources for birds such as berries and water.


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