Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Global Conflict and Investigtive Reporting

I found this site to be very interesting. The overview game a brief introduction of a land that is corrupt and dangerous. The game is suppose to teach high school students how to write investigative stories that portray the true events of the situation while exposing them to a different culture and global conflict. The game is a 3D role-playing game used to teach players different situations occurring in Latin America.The game is divided into five operations so players can choose the most relevant topics and make the game applicable to them. The interesting part about the game is it is based on true stories from teachers,students and subject matter experts who have experienced these situations. The game not only teaches students about global conflict in Latin America, but it includes geography, history, and current events. Here is the web site http://www.globalconflicts.eu/gcla/teaching.php . The sample picture would not load for some reason, but check out the web site for more information.



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