Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Top 10 Most Influential Educational Video Games from the 1980s

I came across this post from the Educational Games Research blog and thought it would be fitting to share.

Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and one of my personal favorites, Number Munchers, all made the list. Sure, the graphics may not have been the best, but looking back the educational value was priceless. Carmen Sandiego took us on whirlwind trips around the globe, SimCity taught us how taxes go to pay for new roads, and the Oregon Trail made us all aware of the importance of axels and the dangers of amoebic dysentery.

My childhood just wouldn't have been the same without these. Does anyone know what the popular elementary school educational computer games are these days?

The list sans commentary for the lazy:

  1. The Oregon Trail

  2. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

  3. SimCity

  4. Reader Rabbit

  5. Math Blaster

  6. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

  7. Lemonade Stand

  8. Number Munchers

  9. Zork

  10. Windows Solitaire


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Virgil said...

I remember Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? was what we played in 7th grade. You knew you were playing Carmen because that digitized audio (Bum! Bum! Bum! Bummm!) would echo through the classroom. The game itself was an interesting concept to encourage learners to explore new countries. My beef with the game was that there were countries I've never heard of in my life during that time in school. Plus the clues were hard to connect since we didn't have easy references other than our old Geography books that were probably printed in the 70's. Lots of reading which will make any kid not want to stare at a screen for 30 minutes. The real funny thing was that my teachers made us play this game when they were done teaching their lesson and didn't have anything else for us when we were done with our assignment. Way before the internet was accessible to anyone. The television adaptation was a lot more fun than the game for me because I could connect to the characters better on the show and the song was catchy. However, I thought the world map was too physically demanding for a child to run across 10-15 yards to mark a country.


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