Sunday, July 20, 2008

EDTEC Lessons in the Real World

After taking Bernie's EDTEC 670 gaming class I wondered if I would ever have an opportunity to practice what we learned in the real world. The answer, happily, is yes. Through the EDTEC program I secured a job as an Instructional Designer at the Bank of America. I am now on our Technology Integration Group's Innovative Technology team. I was able to lead the design phase of our group's first video game -- working title "Brain Squeeze." Indeed, the lessons learned in 670 about things to include to make the game more interesting such as Csikszentmihalyi's Flow Theory and Keller's ARCS Model found their way into our design. Most importantly, the lessons learned in cooperatively creating a project with a group practiced in 670 and many other EDTEC classes has been a great help in the "real world." I am also incorporating an avatar similar to what we did in Second Life into another project, a learning portal for one of our divisions. Who knew how much EDTEC 670 would come in handy at a bank.