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How to Play

"Hatshepsut's Revenge" is an adventure game that takes you back to Ancient Egypt. The pharaoh of Egypt, King Tut, is disturbed by strange things happening in the palace.. Only you can help him!

Read each page then select a choice at the bottom of the screen to continue on. Some paths may take you in circles if you don't choose wisely. Please remember that choices which appear blue are places you have not yet been to.

Some of the links in this game will take you to other sites on the web that contain valuable information. If there is no button at the bottom of the page to choose, be sure to click on the "BACK" button in the top left corner of your screen. If you do not see the "BACK" button, please ask someone for assistance.

Click on this button to start the game..

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Note to Teachers

This game is intended to work in conjunction with the unit on Ancient Egypt taught in most 6th grade classrooms. Please view the additional instructions.

Thanks to O'Farrell Community School!

This project would not have been possible without the valuable input of Miriam Nason and her Social Studies students at O'Farrell Community School in San Diego, CA. Please checkout our page dedicated to them!

History of Isis Productions

The adventure game you are about to play was originally created as a class project for EDTEC 670 - Exploratory Learning Through Simulations and Games, just one of the many interesting courses in the Educational Technology Masters' program at San Diego State University. Isis Productions currently consists of three equal partners. Please feel free to visit our homepages to learn more about us. We would also love to receive your email with comments about the game.

Isis Productions:
Nell Bartusch, Graphics Designer View Home Page Send email
Cathy Keenan, Creative Genius View Home Page Send email
Kathy McCreary, Technical Expert View Home Page Send email

Note about the Graphics

All the graphics used throughout the game are original creations of Nell Bartusch, a member of Isis Productions. We urgently request that you NOT steal these graphics for your own use on the Web. Nell will more than likely be happy to give you permission to use these graphics if you simply
email her.

Other Egypt Web Sites

General Egyptology page with links to tons of other Egypt pages.

Try the Egyptian Scavenger Hunt

Chat with Katherine Griffis, a noted Egyptologist. She will be available to answer questions starting around 10:45. Here's how she introduces herself:

I began the study of Ancient Egypt when I was around 12 years old, when I checked out a copy of the "Tomb of Tutankhamen" (Howard Carter) from the "adult" side of the library where I lived....I have been hooked ever since...when in college, I began my study of the ancient hieroglyphics from the teaching of a brilliant Biblical scholar who knew at least 5 archaic languages, including cuneiform, Akkadian, Sanskrit, and ancient Hebrew, as well as Egyptian hieroglyphics...

Since the mid-1980's, I have served as a consultant in ancient Egyptian History and Culture to museums and educational institutions, and my work ranges from translating hieroglyphics for archaeological expeditions to authenticating artifacts of unkown origin that have been held by private collectors and recently given to either a museum or educational institution. (The oddest job I ever did was translate some words into hieroglyphics for the rock group, ZZ Top!!)

I have traveled pretty extensively in the Middle East, and speak Arabic, German, some Hebrew, (and presently working on Spanish). I am a member of the American Research Center in Egypt, one of a few professional organizations dedicated to the study of ancient, Islamic, and modern Egypt. My training is in Law and International Relations, and, as I had prepared for US Department of State work, I have extensive experience in cultural issues of many lands...and presently consult with companies, government, and other organizations in securing international business opportunities, either at home or abroad...

Write your name in hieroglyphics!

Ok, enough already! Let's play!

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