A Note to Teachers

Support Materials

To help your students get through the game and to enhance the learning experience, we have created a worksheet they can use while they go through the adventure. This worksheet is a separate page that you can simple print from your Web Browser. Click here to go to the worksheet, then select print from the file menu to print the worksheet.

Strategies for Playing

Playing the game straight through in it's entirerty will take approximately 30 minutes. However, there is a great deal of information for the students to absorb. We recommend that students play the adventure for 5-10 minutes at a time, with specific objectives for each playing sessions. For example, in one session, the students might have find out who Akenaten is and his significance. After some debate, we decided to let teachers themselves come up with the best strategies for their classrooms. If you have any suggestions, please send email to Bernie Dodge.

Contacting Isis Productions

The adventure game, "Hatshepsut's Revenge" was developed as a class project in the Fall of 1995. Although we will be following it's progress and development, any suggestions for it's improvement should be directed to Bernie Dodge. Please feel free to visit our homepages to learn more about us. We would also love to receive your email with comments about the game.

Isis Productions:
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