Egyptian Scavenger Hunt

You've just applied for a summer job as a helper to a world renowned Egyptologist. She wants you to be able to read and absorb information quickly, and to be facile at using the World Wide Web to locate data about Ancient Egypt. To weed out the non-serious applicants, she has created a scavenger hunt. The winner of the hunt will be her first choice for the job. Are you game?


Here are some sites that might contain the information you need to complete the puzzle:

  • 1 Down - Cleopatra's son by Julius Caesar
  • 3 Down - The name of the temple pictured to the right
  • 4 Down - One of the pyramids at Giza
  • 5 Down - Name given to the morning sun symbolized as a scarab beetle

  • 2 Across - Underwater building being explored by divers
  • 4 Across - Arabic word for bench
  • 6 Across - Location of the Temple of Hathor
  • 7 Across - King who spent 67 years on the throne
  • 8 Across - Statue of this god was found in Tomb 5

Written by Bernie Dodge. Last updated December 6, 1999. Return to Hatshepsut's Revenge