EDTEC 700 – November 18, 2006

Second Life Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

[8:45]  Bernardo Trudeau: Welcome Willow. Tell us who you are.

[8:45]  Willow Shenlin: good morning. I am an EdTec cohort 3 doc student

[8:45]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Welcome

[8:45]  Allyssa Davison: Cool.

[8:45]  Willow Shenlin: interested in Second Life as a teaching commons

[8:46]  Willow Shenlin: also looking at it for foreign language instruction


[8:46]  Mari Asturias: Does everyone have the breeze information?

[8:46]  Emma Eros: yes

[8:46]  Jonray Eros: What do my pants look like?

[8:47]  Bernardo Trudeau: Very 1969

[8:47]  Jonray Eros: i know this is a strange question

[8:47]  Emma Eros: they keep changing color

[8:47]  Jonray Eros: but I can't see what they look like

[8:47]  Bernardo Trudeau: I remember nights like that

[8:47]  Jonray Eros: I can't get them to stop

[8:47]  Mari Asturias: lol!

[8:47]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[8:47]  Mari Asturias: ok.. just a little technical heads up

[8:47]  Allyssa Davison: They look like bell bottom jeans to me.

[8:47]  Mari Asturias: and I'll repeat this in Breeze

[8:48]  Jonray Eros: Good, they stopped changing colors

[8:48]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: sometimes the rez shows up that way

[8:48]  Mari Asturias: If you have technical questions/problems today.. use the IM button to IM me .. and I can speak with you privately

[8:48]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: just takes a little time to go away

[8:48]  Mari Asturias: also.. if random folks join us.. I'll excuse myself to distract them

[8:49]  Jonray Eros: Your dress looks nice. Allyssa

[8:49]  Jonray Eros: Very colorful

[8:49]  Allyssa Davison: We are expecting Adegorr Knafelc to join us as our guest.

[8:49]  Jonray Eros: Who is that?

[8:49]  Allyssa Davison: TY Jonray

[8:50]  Allyssa Davison: Adegorr is the creator of the exposition that Jasmyn and I visited.

[8:50]  Jonray Eros: Cool.

[8:50]  Mari Asturias: virtual coffee in the back.. touch the coffee pot.. :-)

[8:50]  Mari Asturias: (sorry.. best I could do)

[8:50]  Tegwen Stardust: yes, I discovered i was out of coffee this morning

[8:51]  Jonray Eros: lol

[8:51]  Jonray Eros: I've got real coffee where I am sitting

[8:51]  Marcella Gondwana: my coffee maker broke, so I have to poor boiling water over the grinds

[8:51]  Mari Asturias: welcome to the life of a distance student!!

[8:51]  Tegwen Stardust: so do i now....7-11 special roast

[8:51]  Allyssa Davison: Me too. very strong real coffee

[8:51]  Emma Eros: already had two cups this morning

[8:51]  Bernardo Trudeau: I wonder where Ron is

[8:51]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Ahhh, poor Marcella!

[8:52]  Marcella Gondwana: haha, I feel like I'm living in the stone age

[8:52]  Mari Asturias: Ron just asked via Breeze.. if he was supposed to be in both environments.

[8:52]  Mari Asturias: I believe he..ah.. there he is

[8:52]  Mari Asturias: Hi ron... take a seat!

[8:52]  Allyssa Davison: Hi Ron

[8:52]  Jonray Eros: Good morning Ron

[8:52]  Mari Asturias: if you face the seat

[8:52]  Mari Asturias: and then click.. you'll face the correct direction

[8:53]  Mari Asturias: come around to the front of the seat

[8:53]  Tegwen Stardust: i keep having trouble with that too

[8:53]  Mari Asturias: yes..

[8:53]  Mari Asturias: no sit animations in it

[8:53]  Mari Asturias: which is difficult.. however....

[8:53]  Allyssa Davison: Stand in front of seat and then click to sit.

[8:53]  Mari Asturias: it also allows us to see when someone is typing.. and the flow of the conversation

[8:54]  Bernardo Trudeau: Who's still missing?

[8:54]  Jonray Eros: Ouch, Ron, you are stepping on my head

[8:54]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: My rendition of the environment is rather strange today. Although I know a number of people are here, in the room. I cannot see them

[8:54]  Ron Eros: sorry

[8:54]  Allyssa Davison: For those of us who don't have a mic, do we type in SL? I can't see both screens at the same time.

[8:54]  Emma Eros: Marguerite

[8:54]  Mari Asturias: ok Jas

[8:54]  Jonray Eros: No problem

[8:54]  Mari Asturias: try going into appearance for a second.. then coming out of it

[8:55]  Bernardo Trudeau: Yes... if you don't have a mike, type in SL.

[8:55]  Ron Eros: Mari, I did cocmplete the slide presentatiion

[8:55]  Mari Asturias: ok.. big honkin gold star for you RON!!!!!!

[8:55]  Mari Asturias: way to go!!!!

[8:55]  Jonray Eros: Bernardo, will we be able to hear presentations?

[8:55]  Tegwen Stardust: mine is very short.....I was being cheap

[8:55]  Ron Eros: sorry it took so much time

[8:55]  Bernardo Trudeau: If you're in Breeze, you'll hear it.

[8:55]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I still can't see Allyssa or Marcella

[8:56]  Bernardo Trudeau: Everyone needs to be in Breeze or there's no sense using it.

[8:56]  Marcella Gondwana: hmm, I wonder why

[8:56]  Jonray Eros: What if I am not in Breeze?

[8:56]  Marcella Gondwana: I'm here

[8:56]  Mari Asturias: Jas.. you're just rezzing everything slowly.. it will come in

[8:56]  Marcella Gondwana: is there a way to make the birds stop chirping?

[8:56]  Jonray Eros: Can someone tell me how to sign on to Breeze

[8:56]  Mari Asturias: if you go to group > info

[8:57]  Bernardo Trudeau: http://edbreeze.sdsu.edu/r24875241/

[8:57]  Mari Asturias: you can see who isn't signed on yet

[8:57]  Mari Asturias: no birds.. prefeerences... for no sounds

[8:57]  Mari Asturias: Mata Gemini.. not here

[8:57]  Mari Asturias: ok

[8:57]  Mari Asturias: Simon Quijote.. not here

[8:57]  Bernardo Trudeau: he won't be.

[8:57]  Mari Asturias: and marg... ok

[8:58]  Allyssa Davison: Jas and I are in the same room. She can look at my screen for the presentations if her computer is rezzing to slow

[8:58]  Mari Asturias: good solution Alyssa

[8:58]  Bernardo Trudeau: Waiting for Jonray to enter breeze

[8:59]  Mari Asturias: everyone else is in Breeze.. yes?

[8:59]  Jonray Eros: Bernardo, I don't have a login or password for Breeze

[8:59]  Allyssa Davison: yes

[8:59]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: yes

[8:59]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: login as guest

[8:59]  Bernardo Trudeau: Don't need one. Just go to http://edbreeze.sdsu.edu/r24875241/

[8:59]  Emma Eros: use guest jonray

[9:00]  Jonray Eros: I can hear now

[9:01]  Ron Eros: yes, I will test it now

[9:02]  Allyssa Davison: Can barely hear you

[9:02]  Emma Eros: no mic

[9:03]  Jonray Eros: I guess I will be typing

[9:04]  Tegwen Stardust: no mic, you wouldn't want it on now anyway.... ;)

[9:04]  Sha Zambia: no mic

[9:05]  Willow Shenlin: tried, but does not seem to work

[9:05]  Amy Wiggins: LOL!

[9:05]  Emma Eros: lol

[9:05]  Mari Asturias: laughing

[9:05]  Mari Asturias: yes.. please type in Sl

[9:06]  Emma Eros: hectic

[9:06]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: way tooo busy

[9:06]  Allyssa Davison: Good and bad.

[9:06]  Marcella Gondwana: ok, the lag drives me crazy

[9:06]  Emma Eros: hard to find events

[9:06]  Tegwen Stardust: hard to find appropriate events, but did manage

[9:06]  Ron Eros: trying

[9:06]  Sha Zambia: I had a blast

[9:06]  Marcella Gondwana: and I start to get a mega headache after staring at SL for hours

[9:06]  Emma Eros: yes the lag is horrible some times

[9:06]  Mari Asturias: :-)

[9:06]  Ron Eros: learning curve can be steep

[9:06]  Tegwen Stardust: to wrapped up in appearance!

[9:06]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[9:06]  Tegwen Stardust: *too

[9:06]  Emma Eros: but i did have fun

[9:07]  Allyssa Davison: Met a very obnoxious and offensive individual so I couldn't stay in New Orleans and explore like I wanted to.

[9:07]  Amy Wiggins: I'm having a blast; I've hardly slept in days!

[9:07]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: We met some really nice people, and some not so nice

[9:07]  Amy Wiggins: I've made lots of friend.

[9:07]  Amy Wiggins: Jasmyn, if you stick with the ed crowd, everyone is pretty nice. :-)

[9:07]  Ron Eros: I have not slept much over the last two days

[9:07]  Allyssa Davison: But others we met more than made up for the one bad apple

[9:07]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: hehehe

[9:07]  Amy Wiggins: I feel ya, Ron. Sheesh!

[9:07]  Tegwen Stardust: I haven't meant anyone that wasn't nice, but found trusting new people wasn't easy.

[9:07]  Emma Eros: ditto

[9:08]  Tegwen Stardust: I had a few people shoot things at me though.

[9:08]  Willow Shenlin: there were problem with the Radio Town Hall meeting with Philip Rosedale

[9:08]  Emma Eros: yes--i tied to go to that

[9:08]  Emma Eros: audio was bad in SL

[9:08]  Amy Wiggins: I tried, too.

[9:08]  Bernardo Trudeau: what kind of problems, Willow?

[9:08]  Emma Eros: finally listed to it via iTunes

[9:08]  Willow Shenlin: too many people tried to get on

[9:08]  Amy Wiggins: Emma set me up!

[9:08]  Willow Shenlin: itunes could not follow

[9:09]  Bernardo Trudeau: Was there rancor in the air?

[9:09]  Willow Shenlin: lots

[9:09]  Amy Wiggins: But once I downloaded iTunes, I could hear the town hall meeting. But then later, SL crashed when it tried to initialize Quick Time.

[9:09]  Amy Wiggins: There was.

[9:09]  Willow Shenlin: I went on different places on the grid and that made no difference

[9:09]  Amy Wiggins: Just a warning...I hear that Quick Time is the DEVIL.

[9:09]  Willow Shenlin: lol

[9:10]  Amy Wiggins: Some longtime vets are leaving SL due to the price increase which was effective Wednesday.

[9:10]  Amy Wiggins: Tier fees really jumped--ouch.

[9:10]  Ron Eros: Is that better, bernardo?

[9:10]  Bernardo Trudeau: where are they moving to?

[9:10]  Mari Asturias: also some concern over the CopyBot.. which is getting sorted out

[9:10]  Amy Wiggins: CopyBot is BIG trouble.

[9:11]  Emma Eros: what did fees go up by?

[9:11]  Ron Eros: Is my mic still on?

[9:11]  Amy Wiggins: Has anyone seen a green text which includes the phrase !quit! or some such thing?

[9:11]  Mari Asturias: I don't know that they are moving to .. anywhere... just protesting the fees

[9:11]  Mari Asturias: for island owners..

[9:11]  Bernardo Trudeau: I'm glad I paid our rent two months ahead.

[9:11]  Amy Wiggins: I think they nearly doubled, Emma.

[9:11]  Amy Wiggins: Noooo...not rent. Just for owners.

[9:11]  Mari Asturias: this doesn't apply to non-profit.. educational islands

[9:11]  Amy Wiggins: Although you may feel the pinch soon, too.

[9:11]  Willow Shenlin: "quit" yes. while listening to Philip

[9:11]  Bernardo Trudeau: Yes. but I anticipate a rent increase, just like in RL

[9:11]  Emma Eros: yes i kept seeing that phrase Any

[9:11]  Amy Wiggins: Right, Mari. Ed Islands are still $980 @.

[9:11]  Emma Eros: Amy

[9:12]  Amy Wiggins: Emma, that's a CopyBot killer. They're all over the place.

[9:12]  Amy Wiggins: Folks are angry that their proprietary scripts & objects are being stolen.

[9:12]  Amy Wiggins: IBM et al are very jumpy about it.

[9:12]  Amy Wiggins: That's what CopyBot does. When in the wrong hands.

[9:12]  Allyssa Davison: And I hear that SL is not doing anything to stop it.

[9:13]  Bernardo Trudeau: Interesting to consider how this is the same as RL and how it's different.

[9:13]  Amy Wiggins: Yep.

[9:13]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: very true

[9:13]  Ron Eros: that is what I heard SL is not doing anything, why?

[9:13]  Allyssa Davison: The CopyBot may drive some RL companies out of SL if it is not resolved.

[9:13]  Ria Cassowary is Online

[9:13]  Mari Asturias: um... I'm not sure if they're not doing ANYthing.. but there is a lot of sorting out to do at the moment

[9:14]  Amy Wiggins: Right, Allyssa.

[9:14]  Ron Eros: why is SL not taking action?

[9:14]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: alot of the complaint is that they didn't respond quickly

[9:14]  Allyssa Davison: The people I have talked to have gotten no answers when they have filed complaints.

[9:14]  Amy Wiggins: I wonder if it's because this is all SOOOOOOO new, and now there's weirdness

[9:14]  Amy Wiggins: SL is following the Creative Commons design; very few rules.

[9:14]  Mari Asturias: there has been a lot of chat on the SL educators listserve about it.. lots of opinions.. very long opinions

[9:15]  Amy Wiggins: Philip Linden specifically said that SL doesn't want to impose a lot of rules on residents.

[9:15]  Bernardo Trudeau: My kind of guy

[9:15]  Amy Wiggins: May set dangerous precedents.

[9:15]  Ron Eros: without rules you have chaos

[9:15]  Allyssa Davison: But they are also encouraging education and bussinesses to use the environment. They have to provide some assurances.

[9:15]  Amy Wiggins: Emma, I wish I had pix of the town hall meeting! We saw some pretty crazy characters.

[9:15]  Amy Wiggins: Nope.

[9:16]  Amy Wiggins: Sounds like they're trying to keep SL very free.

[9:16]  Amy Wiggins: Wild, Wild Web!

[9:16]  Bernardo Trudeau: So the trick is to find balance.

[9:16]  Amy Wiggins: Perhaps, Bernardo. Often a challenge.

[9:16]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: balance is the key

[9:17]  Bernardo Trudeau: Just like in a classroom.

[9:17]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: how to do it may be tricky

[9:17]  Amy Wiggins: BTW, retail island fees have jumped by 50% from apx $1200 to $1600. Yikes.

[9:17]  Allyssa Davison: Hmm, wonder how copyright laws apply in this environment?

[9:17]  Amy Wiggins: Allyssa--they don't.

[9:17]  Amy Wiggins: That's the issue.

[9:17]  Amy Wiggins: Or at least, copyright is, er, fluid.

[9:17]  Allyssa Davison: That is not True Amy.

[9:17]  Amy Wiggins: How so?

[9:18]  Mari Asturias: but.. they do stop folks from using Real life trademarked logos....

[9:18]  Amy Wiggins: That's true.

[9:18]  Mari Asturias: like Adidas.. for example

[9:18]  Amy Wiggins: But many companies are in here using their own.

[9:18]  Allyssa Davison: Ok. Posting stuff on the Web doe not give unlimited rights to use. Copyright still applies. That is very well defined by court rulings.

[9:19]  Mari Asturias: did anyone do anything really fun this week in here??

[9:19]  Jonray Eros: Thanks AMy

[9:19]  Amy Wiggins gave you coke can.

[9:19]  Willow Shenlin: tks amy

[9:19]  Ron Eros: I took rocket rides

[9:19]  Allyssa Davison: TY amy

[9:19]  Jonray Eros: cool

[9:19]  Amy Wiggins: Yer welcome! Did everybody get a Coke? :-)

[9:19]  Amy Wiggins: Speaking of copyright...

[9:19]  Amy Wiggins: ;-)

[9:19]  Emma Eros: thanks amy

[9:19]  Tegwen Stardust: no, no coke

[9:20]  Amy Wiggins: I don't see you, Tegwen. Lemme find you...

[9:20]  Tegwen Stardust: i'm in the back

[9:20]  Ron Eros: I like my java thank you

[9:20]  Jonray Eros: Did Bernardo get a Coke; he looks thirsty

[9:20]  Amy Wiggins: I gave him one. Maybe he'd rather have coffee...

[9:20]  Jonray Eros: true

[9:21]  Bernardo Trudeau: Got it

[9:21]  Bernardo Trudeau: Thanks

[9:21]  martini whispers: ahhh...a Dry Martini...shaken not stirred!!

[9:21]  Mari Asturias: :-D

[9:21]  Mari Asturias: lu=aughing

[9:21]  Bernardo Trudeau: OK

[9:21]  Allyssa Davison: Mmmm Breakfast of champions

[9:21]  Emma Eros: my computer is strting to lag

[9:21]  Bernardo Trudeau: are we ready for presentations?

[9:21]  Coffee Mug whispers: Ahh! Fresh Hot Coffee

[9:21]  Emma Eros: yes

[9:21]  Marcella Gondwana: yup

[9:21]  Willow Shenlin: coffee...excellent. thanks

[9:21]  Jonray Eros: Yes

[9:21]  You decline Cup Of Coffee from Amy Wiggins.

[9:22]  Mari Asturias: thanks.. I'm good :-)

[9:22]  Emma Eros: can i go first?

[9:22]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Allyssa and I will have to do it in SL

[9:23]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: neither of us have mics

[9:24]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: easier for us too

[9:24]  Janor Slichter is Offline

[9:25]  Marcella Gondwana: it wasn't me who said that, but I can go

[9:25]  Marcella Gondwana: doesn't matter to me !

[9:25]  Allyssa Davison: That was Emma

[9:25]  Marcella Gondwana: ok

Emma Eros

[9:25]  Emma Eros: thanks

[9:26]  Emma Eros: sorry have horrible lag

[9:26]  Mari Asturias: hang in there

[9:26]  Mari Asturias: that's ok...

[9:26]  Mari Asturias: you may want to take a step away from the wall.. emma

[9:26]  EDTEC700 Emma's Presentation: Another RAD Solution.....

[9:27]  Jonray Eros: You can do it, Emma Eros

[9:27]  Mari Asturias: OK!

[9:27]  Mari Asturias: ok.. if you are proficient with camera controls.. you can zoom in on her presentation...

[9:28]  Tegwen Stardust: is there a way to turn off or move our names so we can see the slides better

[9:28]  Palemoon Twilight is Online

[9:28]  Emma Eros: how does that look?

[9:28]  Mari Asturias: yes.. in preferences

[9:28]  Allyssa Davison: Looks good

[9:28]  Emma Eros: i tried to attend an ed event but had trouble finding one to fit my schedule

[9:28]  Mari Asturias: preferences > general > deselect show names

[9:29]  Emma Eros: so i found this place and took a guided tour

[9:29]  Tegwen Stardust: ok, got it

[9:29]  Emma Eros: so i went to Svarga

[9:29]  Emma Eros: it is a place of rest and refuge

[9:30]  Emma Eros: ther's me in the tour pod

[9:30]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: pretty

[9:30]  Allyssa Davison: I Like Svarga

[9:30]  Emma Eros: very pretty place

[9:30]  Amy Wiggins: Way cool!

[9:30]  Emma Eros: i will get to the ed potential near end

[9:30]  Emma Eros: bear with me

[9:30]  Sha Zambia: can I have the landmark?

[9:30]  Allyssa Davison: It is created by the same person who created the Lauk

[9:30]  Emma Eros: yes at end Sha

[9:30]  Sha Zambia: ty

[9:31]  Sha Zambia accepted your inventory offer.

[9:31]  Palemoon Twilight is Offline

[9:31]  Emma Eros: so the island is circular shaped and was created by the erosion of an old volcano

[9:31]  Palemoon Twilight is Online

[9:32]  Emma Eros: next few slides are some views from the lisand

[9:32]  Emma Eros: island

[9:32]  Emma Eros: very cool area

[9:32]  Emma Eros: can listen to waterfall and lay in a hammock

[9:32]  Emma Eros: saw both day and night

[9:33]  Emma Eros: slides coming ok for everyone?

[9:33]  Bernardo Trudeau: yup

[9:33]  Marcella Gondwana: yup

[9:33]  Tegwen Stardust: yes

[9:33]  Allyssa Davison: Yes

[9:33]  Mari Asturias: just don't click through too fast

[9:33]  Ron Eros: no

[9:33]  Willow Shenlin: yes

[9:33]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: only because I'm looking at Alyssa screen :O

[9:33]  Ron Eros: I see a gray screen on some

[9:33]  Emma Eros: i will slow down ron

[9:34]  Emma Eros: this is a smaller island on poutskirts

[9:34]  Emma Eros: outskirts

[9:34]  Mari Asturias: :-)

[9:34]  Tegwen Stardust: i find if I put mouse over or click on graphics they come in faster

[9:34]  Ron Eros: yes that is better

[9:34]  Emma Eros: it kept changing as i was standing there

[9:34]  Bernardo Trudeau: Do you wear a poutskirt when you're angry?

[9:34]  Mari Asturias: lol

[9:34]  Emma Eros: lol

[9:34]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[9:34]  Allyssa Davison: lol

[9:35]  Emma Eros: sorry bad typing

[9:35]  Ron Eros: lol

[9:35]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I liked the typing! :D

[9:35]  Emma Eros: this is really cool!

[9:35]  Emma Eros: did not appear to do anything though

[9:35]  Emma Eros: i was hoping to ride it, but it did not even let me sit on it!

[9:36]  Bernardo Trudeau: It doesn't move?

[9:36]  Emma Eros: ron ok?

[9:36]  Emma Eros: :)

[9:36]  Emma Eros: no--not that i could tell

[9:36]  Ron Eros: yes, why

[9:36]  Emma Eros: just checking on the slides coming in 4 u

[9:36]  Ron Eros: yes, thank you very much for asking

[9:37]  Emma Eros: there are a few rooms that I think could be used for educational activities

[9:37]  Emma Eros: i was really think more for elementary/high school age

[9:37]  Emma Eros: this is one of them

[9:37]  Emma Eros: a castle

[9:37]  Emma Eros: filled with musical instruments

[9:38]  Emma Eros: you can play all of them (but not at one time)

[9:38]  Emma Eros: pict of me playing drums

[9:38]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: if they have the syncro feature you can have a bunch of people playing together in time

[9:38]  Emma Eros: maybe a group could visit to play

[9:38]  Emma Eros: it does

[9:38]  Allyssa Davison: Some of the drum circles have a script for syncronized drumming.

[9:39]  Emma Eros: this platform is sound experiment

[9:39]  Emma Eros: stand in the middle

[9:39]  Emma Eros: and people's chatting creates multi-channel music

[9:39]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: interesting

[9:39]  Emma Eros: noises are really interesting

[9:40]  Emma Eros: and change

[9:40]  Mari Asturias: I agree.. sound isn't always used to the best advantage in SL..

[9:40]  Allyssa Davison: lol

[9:40]  Sha Zambia: i like

[9:40]  Emma Eros: a virtual immersion chamber called the ambipod

[9:41]  Emma Eros: you lay down and then float around

[9:41]  Emma Eros: very relaxing

[9:41]  Emma Eros: you can watch particles float around and change

[9:41]  Emma Eros: and there's cool ambient sounds

[9:42]  Emma Eros: my favorite part

[9:42]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: When do we go? ;D

[9:42]  Emma Eros: the caldera bottom

[9:42]  Allyssa Davison: Are we going on a class field trip to all the places presented today?

[9:42]  Mari Asturias: Use that Search button!!!

[9:42]  Bernardo Trudeau: We could do that this afternoon if there's time

[9:43]  Emma Eros: nearly all of the plant life is part of a beta test for a functional artifical life experiment

[9:43]  Emma Eros: there are clouds

[9:43]  Mari Asturias: very cool

[9:43]  Emma Eros: sun

[9:43]  Emma Eros: bees

[9:43]  Emma Eros: in fact in this slide you can't see the bees

[9:43]  Emma Eros: but the flower was blue

[9:44]  Emma Eros: a bee landed on it and it chnaged green after a few minutes

[9:44]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: cool!

[9:44]  Emma Eros: i was told you can buy your own bees on the island

[9:44]  Emma Eros: but i did not have time to try it

[9:45]  Emma Eros: there were also birds and bats that fly around

[9:45]  Emma Eros: that's all i have

[9:45]  Willow Shenlin: this reminds me of Spore. the new game that WillWright is sending out soon

[9:45]  Emma Eros: any questions?

[9:45]  Emma Eros: or comments?

[9:45]  Jonray Eros: Nice job.

[9:45]  Emma Eros: thanks

[9:45]  Mari Asturias: yay Emma!

[9:45]  Bernardo Trudeau: Brava

[9:45]  Mari Asturias: WooT

[9:45]  Allyssa Davison: very nice.

[9:45]  Emma Eros: thanks to Mari for all of her help

[9:45]  Ron Eros: yeah

[9:45]  Tegwen Stardust: very nice....mine is much shorter

[9:46]  Ron Eros: so is mine

[9:46]  Jonray Eros: Bravo!

[9:46]  Bernardo Trudeau: Marcella is up next

[9:46]  Emma Eros: sorry lag makes moving slow

Marcella Gondwana

[9:46]  Marcella Gondwana: ok

[9:46]  Jonray Eros: I would clap if I could

[9:46]  Amy Wiggins: Jonray...type into chat

[9:47]  Allyssa Davison: /clap

[9:47]  Jonray Eros: Thank you.

[9:48]  Allyssa Davison: I use the camera controls to zoom in.

[9:49]  Marcella Gondwana: can anyone hear me via breeze?

[9:49]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: no

[9:49]  Emma Eros: no

[9:49]  Jonray Eros: No

[9:49]  Mari Asturias: no

[9:49]  Tegwen Stardust: no

[9:49]  Amy Wiggins: No; sorry, Marci. :-(

[9:49]  Allyssa Davison: Marcella can you move your presentation more towards the center of the wall?

[9:49]  Mari Asturias: one click to get to breeze.. another to access the mic

[9:49]  Marcella Gondwana: I'm trying

[9:49]  Tegwen Stardust: I have a cattail in my way in SL

[9:49]  Ron Eros: bernardo are you taking pictures?

[9:49]  Marcella Gondwana: I'm not very good at this and the lag between breeze and this is horrible

[9:49]  Bernardo Trudeau: yes ron

[9:50]  Ron Eros: I can hear your camera

[9:50]  Emma Eros: sok Marci

[9:50]  Marcella Gondwana: ok, I can't move it

[9:50]  Marcella Gondwana: when I do "edit" and then click on it to move it, it just gives me the option to click through it

[9:50]  Mari Asturias: ok... don't worry.. yet another skill

[9:51]  Allyssa Davison: Emma how did you move yours?

[9:51]  Mari Asturias: you may need to press the MORE button at the bottom of the edit window to enlarge the edit controls

[9:51]  Emma Eros: i right clicked and went to edit

[9:51]  EDTEC700 SlideViewerLarge m/c/no trans: Another RAD Solution.....

[9:51]  Mari Asturias: perfect!

[9:51]  Allyssa Davison: Better

[9:51]  Tegwen Stardust: ok, that's good

[9:51]  Ron Eros: yes good

[9:51]  Jonray Eros: Yeah

[9:51]  Marcella Gondwana: ok, well since the mic doens't seem to be working I'll type

[9:52]  Emma Eros: looks good

[9:52]  Mari Asturias: can you stand to the side though?

[9:52]  Marcella Gondwana: is that ok Bernardo?

[9:52]  Marcella Gondwana: sure ...

[9:52]  Bernardo Trudeau: It's like my new 50 inch plasma TV

[9:52]  Jonray Eros: lol

[9:52]  Amy Wiggins: I'm gonna log out for one sec; tech issues. BRB....

[9:52]  Mari Asturias rolls her eyes :-D

[9:52]  Amy Wiggins is Offline

[9:52]  Allyssa Davison: Superbowl party at Bernardo's house?

[9:52]  Marcella Gondwana: ok, am I positioned ok?

[9:52]  Mari Asturias: yes

[9:52]  Emma Eros: yes

[9:52]  Marcella Gondwana: ok

[9:53]  Bernardo Trudeau: More likely a Doctor Who marathon.

[9:53]  Tegwen Stardust: how bout sl on the big screen??

[9:53]  Allyssa Davison: yes

[9:53]  Marcella Gondwana: so, I guess I'll start

[9:53]  Allyssa Davison: That would be even better!

[9:53]  Marcella Gondwana: so, like everyone else, I found it difficult to find an "educational" event

[9:54]  Marcella Gondwana: so I went to a wine and cheese party because it said that I could learn about the wines & cheeses and pairings

[9:54]  Emma Eros: very cool

[9:54]  Marcella Gondwana: the wine & cheese part was at Sublime Restaurant

[9:54]  Marcella Gondwana: so, here I am upon arrival

[9:54]  Marcella Gondwana: you can see the table is set up with wine & a cheese plate

[9:55]  Marcella Gondwana: toward the end of the event, they had filled up the table with other refreshments

[9:55]  Marcella Gondwana: and, as you can see I'm wearing my jeans

[9:55]  Marcella Gondwana: which may look OK when you look now b/c the guy standing in front of me

[9:55]  Marcella Gondwana: but I quickly realized that I was VERY out of place

Marcella at the wine-tasting

[9:56]  Marcella Gondwana: so, I thought I'd summarize what I learned at the event

[9:56]  Marcella Gondwana: which I realize is not a great deal

[9:56]  Marcella Gondwana: you can all read the slide, I'm not going to type what it already says

[9:57]  Tegwen Stardust: yes

[9:57]  Ron Eros: yes

[9:57]  Marcella Gondwana: k, I'll move on

[9:57]  Marcella Gondwana: but basically there was a manager who stood by the table to answer any questions you had about the wine

[9:57]  Marcella Gondwana: I found some other people who were interestedin finding out abou thte wines

[9:57]  Marcella Gondwana: and one kind lady gave me this dress to wear

[9:58]  Marcella Gondwana: I thought I'd wear it for the presentation

[9:58]  Marcella Gondwana: I did walk around in sneakers with this dress on for quite a qhile

[9:58]  Marcella Gondwana: awhile

[9:58]  Emma Eros: lol

[9:58]  Marcella Gondwana: and then the lady who gave me the dress sent me some shoes

[9:58]  Amy Wiggins: hee hee!

[9:58]  Allyssa Davison: Have we all become fashion divas?

[9:58]  Emma Eros: very nice

[9:58]  Marcella Gondwana: it was quite an adventure ... I didn't realize that You had to take off the other clothes first

[9:58]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I like barefoot myself

[9:58]  Allyssa Davison: :D

[9:58]  Amy Wiggins: Me, too, Jasmyn!

[9:59]  Marcella Gondwana: so I was walking around with a t-shirt under the dress for awhile

[9:59]  Tegwen Stardust: I have attached several objects to myself without opening first!!

[9:59]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol -- me too!

[9:59]  Marcella Gondwana: did everybody get a chance to read this?

[9:59]  Emma Eros: yes

[9:59]  Allyssa Davison: Yes

[9:59]  Jonray Eros: yes

[9:59]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: quite the fashion statement

[9:59]  Marcella Gondwana: so anyway, this is me sipping a sauvignon blanc and socializing at the bar

[9:59]  Allyssa Davison: But I like wearing boxes on my head!

[9:59]  Marcella Gondwana: so here I have summarized some effective learning aspects

[10:00]  Tegwen Stardust: Earlier I had the coke can amy gave me on my head.....sorry for interrupting.

[10:00]  Emma Eros: very good

[10:00]  Marcella Gondwana: everybody acted as though they were actually tasting the wine, "Oh yeah, this merlot is excellent" ... and "I prefer the Shiraz to Chardonnay"

[10:00]  Marcella Gondwana: when I walked into the bar, they gave me a note card that listed teh wine samples

[10:01]  Marcella Gondwana: they were showcasing wine from Chile

[10:01]  Marcella Gondwana: and the cheese & crackers ran out quickly

[10:01]  Marcella Gondwana: so the manager had to keep re-filling

[10:01]  Tegwen Stardust: Marcella, do you know anything about wine in the first place?

[10:01]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[10:01]  Marcella Gondwana: yeah, a little

[10:01]  Marcella Gondwana: I have been to wineries along the Finger Lakes in NY

[10:02]  Marcella Gondwana: I've been dying to go to the wineries here in CA, I've heard that it's beautiful

[10:02]  Allyssa Davison: CA has several regions.

[10:02]  Emma Eros: i have been to the ones in Temecula

[10:02]  Marcella Gondwana: so basically I thought that it was very authentic experience

[10:02]  Marcella Gondwana: haha

[10:02]  Mari Asturias: yay NorCal!

[10:02]  Marcella Gondwana: however, there were some things that weren't so great

[10:02]  Bernardo Trudeau: So do you think this simulated experience would make you more comfortable at a RL wine tasting?

[10:03]  Marcella Gondwana: yes, probably

[10:03]  Marcella Gondwana: here is a picture of me admiring the fish tank in the restaurant

[10:03]  Allyssa Davison: Did they swallow the wine or were spitoons provided for true tasting?

[10:03]  Marcella Gondwana: it was a nice atmoshwere ...

[10:03]  Marcella Gondwana: swallow

[10:03]  Marcella Gondwana: (in SL?)

[10:04]  Allyssa Davison: Then not really a tasting, but a Wine social

[10:04]  Marcella Gondwana: they had spots to slow dance or do other dances

[10:04]  Marcella Gondwana: they also had couches and such

[10:04]  Marcella Gondwana: interesting you say that ... I've never been to a wine tasting that I spit out the wine

[10:04]  Marcella Gondwana: I also did some wine tours in North Carolina

[10:04]  Marcella Gondwana: on to the ineffective aspects

[10:05]  Marcella Gondwana: anyway

[10:05]  Marcella Gondwana: so, there was only one manager for several people

[10:05]  Marcella Gondwana: and I guess the pics I showed you didn't really show how many people were there

[10:05]  Marcella Gondwana: there were a ton of people

[10:05]  Allyssa Davison: Most of what is called a teasting is really a wine social with a limited offering of wine. A true tasting may offer hundreds of wines to taste and you certainly don't want to swallow every sip.

[10:05]  Marcella Gondwana: so it was hard to get the manager's attention

[10:05]  Bernardo Trudeau: did it get laggy?

[10:06]  Marcella Gondwana: yes!

[10:06]  Marcella Gondwana: it was really irritating

[10:06]  Marcella Gondwana: and everybody had on these unique clothes

[10:06]  Marcella Gondwana: I don't think that it helped the lag at all

[10:06]  Mari Asturias: which was contributing to the lag.. yes

[10:06]  Bernardo Trudeau: So a nude winetasting would be less irritating.

[10:06]  Marcella Gondwana: so the manager was knowledgeable, but not readily available

[10:06]  Emma Eros: lol

[10:06]  Tegwen Stardust: lol

[10:06]  Marcella Gondwana: haha, yes

[10:06]  Allyssa Davison: lol

[10:06]  Mari Asturias: lolol

[10:07]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: hmmmm

[10:07]  Marcella Gondwana: and I thought that the experience would have been even better if I could have read about each wine

[10:07]  Bernardo Trudeau: Unless Sha was there

[10:07]  Marcella Gondwana: a note card or such

[10:07]  Marcella Gondwana: and also the cheese

[10:07]  Marcella Gondwana: I was interested in hearing about the pairings

[10:07]  Marcella Gondwana: it was not a typical wine tasting, where the organizer stands in front and describes each wine

[10:08]  Marcella Gondwana: it was sort of grab whatever wine you wanted and fight for the organizer's attention

[10:08]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: so not very organized?

[10:08]  Bernardo Trudeau: High culture for anarchists.

[10:08]  Marcella Gondwana: So, that was my experience ... I explored other places and wrote about them in moodle

[10:08]  Marcella Gondwana: haha

[10:08]  Marcella Gondwana: no, not very organized

[10:08]  Jonray Eros: sounds interesting

[10:08]  Marcella Gondwana: I spent a great deal of time in EduNation

[10:09]  Marcella Gondwana: and that island was very useful

[10:09]  Marcella Gondwana: really gave me a look at several affordances

[10:09]  Marcella Gondwana: in Sl

[10:09]  Emma Eros: yes it is

[10:09]  Mari Asturias: it's a RL design firm.. yes

[10:09]  Jonray Eros: I felt the same way, Marcella

[10:09]  Marcella Gondwana: anyway ... I will stop blabbing

[10:09]  Mari Asturias: yay marcella!!

[10:09]  Marcella Gondwana: I am a big believer in the note cards

[10:09]  Bernardo Trudeau: clap clap

[10:09]  Emma Eros: clap, clap

[10:09]  Emma Eros: great job

[10:09]  Mari Asturias: (not on the blabbing.. just on doing a great job!)

[10:10]  Ron Eros: clap, clap

[10:10]  Allyssa Davison: clap, clap

[10:10]  Jonray Eros: Good job.

[10:10]  Ron Eros: nice

[10:10]  Bernardo Trudeau: OK... who's up?

[10:10]  Marcella Gondwana: thanks

[10:10]  Jonray Eros: I will go

[10:10]  Amy Wiggins: Thanks, Marcella!

[10:10]  Tegwen Stardust: i'll go

[10:10]  Tegwen Stardust: oops

[10:10]  Bernardo Trudeau: Jonray, then Tegwen.

[10:10]  Bernardo Trudeau: Jonray will be using sound

[10:10]  Allyssa Davison: Then me?

[10:11]  Bernardo Trudeau: ok

[10:11]  Jonray Eros: Is it okay if I go?

[10:11]  Mari Asturias: and Sha will lead us in some jumping jacks.. .. hehe

[10:11]  Bernardo Trudeau: yes

[10:11]  Sha Zambia: i will?

[10:11]  Mari Asturias: lol

[10:11]  Tegwen Stardust: how bout the hoola hoop you had earlier?

[10:11]  Ron Eros: he needs it with that gut

[10:12]  Allyssa Davison: That should be entertaining

Jonray Eros

[10:12]  Jonray Eros: Turning on Breeze. Please let me know if you can hear me.

[10:12]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[10:12]  Mari Asturias: LOL!

[10:12]  Bernardo Trudeau: hilarious

[10:12]  Sha Zambia: YEAH BABY YEAH!!

[10:12]  Emma Eros: oh that is just not nice to look at

[10:12]  Tegwen Stardust: lol

[10:12]  Ron Eros: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[10:12]  Allyssa Davison: I agree!

[10:12]  Emma Eros: do u have a thong on?

[10:12]  Bernardo Trudeau: sounds like radio free europe

[10:12]  Emma Eros: yes

[10:12]  Mari Asturias: better

[10:12]  Bernardo Trudeau: better

[10:12]  Sha Zambia: yep

[10:12]  Ron Eros: yes

[10:12]  Allyssa Davison: yes

[10:12]  Amy Wiggins: I hear you, Jonray; staticy, though.

[10:12]  Tegwen Stardust: a little better

[10:12]  Marcella Gondwana: yup

[10:12]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: better

[10:13]  Jonray Eros Presentation: Another RAD Solution.....

[10:13]  Ron Eros: like a telephone in the 1970's

[10:13]  Mari Asturias: big echo now

[10:13]  Sha Zambia: woah

[10:13]  Emma Eros: echo

[10:13]  Sha Zambia: cool

[10:13]  Ron Eros: echo

[10:13]  Allyssa Davison: getting feedback

[10:13]  Amy Wiggins: Oooohh..echo city!

[10:13]  Sha Zambia: and in this corner....

[10:13]  Amy Wiggins: LOL!

[10:13]  Emma Eros: yes

[10:13]  Bernardo Trudeau: yes

[10:13]  Mari Asturias: keep talking

[10:13]  Amy Wiggins: Yes.

[10:14]  Mari Asturias: you can also stand in the back if that helps...


[10:17]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: understand the problem, movements for me are always awkward

[10:17]  Sha Zambia: should we be concerned that the place you felt most comfortable was a casino?

[10:18]  Emma Eros: lol

[10:18]  Mari Asturias grinning

[10:19]  Tegwen Stardust: I have lots of static, and it sounds like you are standing on a windy coast.....is it just my audio?

[10:19]  Willow Shenlin: mine too

[10:19]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I have that too

[10:19]  Ron Eros: me too

[10:19]  Emma Eros: no mine too

[10:19]  Sha Zambia: yo tambien

[10:19]  Allyssa Davison: same here

[10:19]  Ron Eros: ditto

[10:19]  Marcella Gondwana: me too

[10:19]  Emma Eros: not really

[10:19]  Mari Asturias: just try your best, Jonray...

[10:19]  Sha Zambia: stop cooking eggs

[10:19]  Bernardo Trudeau: same

[10:19]  Emma Eros: better

[10:19]  Willow Shenlin: sounds windy

[10:19]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I'll just picutre you on a windy hillside

[10:20]  Sha Zambia: no

[10:20]  Willow Shenlin: yes

[10:20]  Mari Asturias: no...

[10:20]  Bernardo Trudeau: no

[10:20]  Emma Eros: no

[10:20]  Allyssa Davison: I have an immage of you standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean and the wind gusting around you.

[10:20]  Sha Zambia: s ok

[10:20]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: its better at the moment

[10:20]  Emma Eros: get down with your bad self

[10:21]  Emma Eros: nice posing

[10:21]  Mari Asturias: yep

[10:22]  Ron Eros: wow

[10:22]  Allyssa Davison: I can see it

[10:24]  Amy Wiggins: LOL!

[10:24]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: very like veags

[10:24]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: vegas

[10:24]  Bernardo Trudeau: Free drinks, too?

[10:24]  Amy Wiggins: Watered down?

[10:26]  Amy Wiggins: hee hee!

[10:27]  Emma Eros: cute

[10:27]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I like it

[10:27]  Allyssa Davison: Jasmyn and I went to a beach resort that had a bartender that served quite a few drinks.

[10:27]  Emma Eros: lol

[10:27]  Amy Wiggins: LOL!

[10:27]  Ron Eros: just coming into focus

[10:28]  Mari Asturias: new citizens

[10:28]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: had to

[10:28]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[10:29]  Mari Asturias: tutorials... all resident created

[10:30]  Amy Wiggins: I need to spend a LOT more time there.

[10:31]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: have you seen the game tringo?

[10:31]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: in SL

[10:31]  Emma Eros: ?

[10:31]  Allyssa Davison: but coming to RL soon

[10:32]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: a cross between tetris and bingo

[10:33]  Ron Eros: Could inspiratiion be used in SL?

[10:33]  Mari Asturias: yes!.. Jonray... your idea is very implementable.. and pretty easy to di

[10:33]  Mari Asturias: do

[10:33]  Bernardo Trudeau: You could link to a web page on gliffy.com

[10:33]  Ron Eros: yes

[10:35]  Emma Eros: that's a great idea

[10:35]  Ron Eros: maybe like a periodic talbe

[10:35]  Emma Eros: that idea would work with stats

[10:35]  Mari Asturias: yes.. doable doable

[10:35]  Ron Eros: agree and be able to move around

[10:36]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: coooll

[10:36]  Allyssa Davison: way cool

[10:36]  Mari Asturias: yep yep yep

[10:36]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: good job!

[10:36]  Ron Eros: goood

[10:36]  Mari Asturias: clap clap!!

[10:36]  Marcella Gondwana: nice!

[10:36]  Ron Eros: clap

[10:36]  Emma Eros: clap, clap

[10:36]  Bernardo Trudeau: bravo

[10:36]  Mari Asturias: WooT

[10:36]  Ron Eros: clap

[10:36]  Emma Eros: good job

[10:37]  Bernardo Trudeau: I like night classes

[10:37]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: me too

[10:37]  Mari Asturias: :-D ok!

[10:37]  Tegwen Stardust: that's funny I didn't notice till you said that

[10:37]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I'm only now waking up, kinda

[10:37]  Ron Eros: you can see the screen better in the dark

[10:37]  Mari Asturias: true

[10:37]  Mari Asturias: is TEgwen next?

[10:37]  Bernardo Trudeau: yes

[10:38]  Tegwen Stardust: yes

[10:38]  Bernardo Trudeau: then Jazmyn I think

[10:38]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: the bobbsey twins, Jas and Ally

Tegwen Stardust

[10:38]  Bernardo Trudeau: so petite

[10:38]  EDTEC700 SlideViewerLarge m/c/no trans: Another RAD Solution.....

[10:38]  Mari Asturias: love that blue hair!

[10:39]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: hari I see, nothing else on TEgwin

[10:39]  Tegwen Stardust: sorry, gotta find the right one

[10:39]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: hair

[10:40]  Mari Asturias: just rotate 180

[10:40]  Mari Asturias: that's the back

[10:40]  Mari Asturias: bingo

[10:40]  Tegwen Stardust: Is that fine for everyone?

[10:40]  Allyssa Davison: Looks good

[10:40]  Emma Eros: yes--perfect

[10:40]  Willow Shenlin: yes

[10:40]  Bernardo Trudeau: yes

[10:40]  Marcella Gondwana: yup

[10:41]  Jonray Eros: yes

[10:41]  Tegwen Stardust: Ok. I had trouble finding a place I wanted to go that was educational. I think many had that trouble.

[10:41]  Marcella Gondwana: yes, def.

[10:41]  Ron Eros: plese go slow it is begin to lag for me

[10:41]  Tegwen Stardust: I was trying to keep in mind things that would be useful for my fourth graders as well.

[10:41]  Ron Eros: great

[10:41]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: had best luck just stumbling into them

[10:42]  Tegwen Stardust: I also like fantasy, so visited Hogwarts, and a lesson on magick.

[10:42]  Tegwen Stardust: The lesson on magick was a serious conversation with a lot of vocabulary that sounded like a new language.

[10:42]  Marcella Gondwana: cool, I didnt know that existed

[10:42]  Tegwen Stardust: So, I found Socrates Cafe.

[10:43]  Tegwen Stardust: When I arrived, the host was very warm and friendly. Her name was Verum.

[10:43]  Tegwen Stardust: As you can see in the picture, the room was very comfortable. Had a coffee machine, cushions, etc.

[10:44]  Tegwen Stardust: Here I am sittin on one of the cushions.

[10:45]  Tegwen Stardust: There were several people that arrived for the seminar. Verum served as the moderator.


[10:45]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: organized discussion, nice

[10:45]  Tegwen Stardust: Interestingly, there was not a question that was already planned.

[10:45]  Tegwen Stardust: The moderator simply said, does anyone have any thing ....

[10:45]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: so more semi-organized

[10:45]  Tegwen Stardust: on their mind that they wanted to pose to the group....

[10:46]  Tegwen Stardust: One person immediately jumped in with a religious question...

[10:46]  Jonray Eros: This sounds like what they call in education, a Socratic Seminar

[10:46]  Tegwen Stardust: The question was one about ....

[10:46]  Bernardo Trudeau: I've had profs like that

[10:46]  Tegwen Stardust: exactly

[10:46]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: makes sense

[10:46]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: that can be good or bad

[10:46]  Tegwen Stardust: The question was whether to immediately expose his son....

[10:47]  Tegwen Stardust: to organized religion....taking him to church functions, etc.

[10:47]  Tegwen Stardust: or whether he should let his son discover this on his own....

[10:47]  Amy Wiggins: I think I've seen this discussed in the SLED forum.

[10:48]  Mari Asturias: Tegwen... you there?

[10:48]  Amy Wiggins: Tegwen, try Tools > Stop all Animations

[10:48]  Tegwen Stardust: ooops, sorry, went into mouseview for a moment, then computer lagged

[10:48]  Mari Asturias: ok

[10:48]  Tegwen Stardust: anyway....

[10:49]  Amy Wiggins: We're with ya, Tegwen!

[10:49]  Tegwen Stardust: There were many different opinions on the matter, but no intense argument.

[10:49]  Tegwen Stardust: It was a very good discussion....even when I mentioned my own ideas....

[10:49]  Tegwen Stardust: about use being someone else's science experiment

[10:49]  Tegwen Stardust: ;-)

[10:49]  Jonray Eros: Sounds like a respectful group.

[10:50]  Bernardo Trudeau: ot ant farm

[10:50]  Amy Wiggins: I've found the SL Education community to be absolutely lovely.

[10:50]  Amy Wiggins: No griefers!

[10:50]  Tegwen Stardust: Part of the reason that I wanted to attent this event was because I use Socratic Seminar in my classroom....

[10:50]  Tegwen Stardust: it was also one of the lesson plans I had in mind (and the one I posted).

[10:50]  Emma Eros: do you think by having this discussionb via SL it took some of the intensity away--helped to difuse the topic a bit?

[10:51]  Tegwen Stardust: If I could really do this with my students it would take away one major problem that we have....

[10:51]  Tegwen Stardust: trying to get in on the conversation

[10:51]  Allyssa Davison: It might even help them express ideas they normally would not voice.

[10:51]  Tegwen Stardust: they don't have the maturity in 4th grade to "interrup" in a polite manner, or respectfully

[10:52]  Emma Eros: some don't have it as adults

[10:52]  Tegwen Stardust: Also, many students do not say anything, except at the round table at the end (they HAVE to say something then, and I won't move on until they do.)

[10:52]  Allyssa Davison: Would typing be an issue for 4th graders?

[10:52]  Jonray Eros: I have my sophomore students participate in Socratic Seminars

[10:52]  Amy Wiggins: Most 4th graders know how to type. I think it's taught in 3rd grade now.

[10:52]  Tegwen Stardust: Being in virtual reality would take away from having to "speak in public."

[10:52]  Tegwen Stardust: yes, typing IS an issue.

[10:53]  Tegwen Stardust: Some have some experience, but no, we don't teach typing

[10:53]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: So the real thing would be to make sure that they read the history so they don't just focus on what they typed and miss other stuff

[10:53]  Tegwen Stardust: yes. that is also a problem

[10:53]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: or onlly focus on the last thing typed

[10:53]  Tegwen Stardust: I noticed in the seminar, people were saying things all at once, and it was hard to keep track of who

[10:54]  Tegwen Stardust: was talking to who....and little side conversations started

[10:54]  Allyssa Davison: Or limit their ideas to what they were comfortable typing (not knowing spelling, etc.)

[10:54]  Jonray Eros: Did the group establish norms?

[10:54]  Tegwen Stardust: Spelling is ALWAYS an issue!!

[10:54]  Allyssa Davison: were there any preset rules?

[10:54]  Tegwen Stardust: There was not a lot of organization.

[10:54]  Tegwen Stardust: no real preset rules

[10:54]  Tegwen Stardust: I certainly would establish those things if I were doing it for my classroom.

[10:55]  Tegwen Stardust: When I do give socratic seminar....I give them an assignment

[10:55]  Jonray Eros: yes, rules are key

[10:55]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: So the moderator didn't try to keep the side conversations to IM?

[10:55]  Tegwen Stardust: that they have to read and respond to

[10:55]  Tegwen Stardust: they have to look up word definitions

[10:55]  Tegwen Stardust: underline and highlight important details

[10:55]  Allyssa Davison: For my class (College juniors and seniors) I go over netiquette before opening up the online discussions.

[10:55]  Jonray Eros: Good idea

[10:55]  Tegwen Stardust: summarize and form a thesis.

[10:56]  Tegwen Stardust: anyway, it was a pleasand experient, and I might return

[10:56]  Tegwen Stardust: they also have poetry readings

[10:56]  Tegwen Stardust: i used to write poetry

[10:56]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I've seen those adverstized

[10:56]  Jonray Eros: I would like to see how a poetry reading looks

[10:57]  Jonray Eros: and functions

[10:57]  Mari Asturias: yay Tegwen!

[10:57]  Tegwen Stardust: That was my experience. Any questions?

[10:57]  Emma Eros: clap, clap

[10:57]  Allyssa Davison: I saw some of the readings advertised, but not at a time I could attend.

[10:57]  Bernardo Trudeau: well done

[10:57]  Jonray Eros: Good Job

[10:57]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: cool

[10:57]  Ron Eros: clap clap

[10:57]  Marcella Gondwana: ince job

[10:57]  Allyssa Davison: Good job.

[10:57]  Ron Eros: nice

[10:57]  Bernardo Trudeau: the twins are next

[10:57]  Emma Eros: lol

Jasmyn Soothsayer and Allyssa Davison

[10:57]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: hi there

[10:57]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[10:58]  Dia de Muertes Slide Show: Another RAD Solution.....

[10:58]  Allyssa Davison: First try

[10:58]  Tegwen Stardust: BRB....have to settle argument between children, who decided to fight while I was doing that! ;0

[10:58]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: what fun

[10:58]  Allyssa Davison: LOL

[10:59]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: know that feeling, glad mine are past that --- well maybe not

[10:59]  Jonray Eros: When RL collides with SL

[10:59]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: they just don't do it at my house anymore :O

[10:59]  Allyssa Davison: Are we ready?

[10:59]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: got their own places to beat each other up at

[10:59]  Willow Shenlin: mine just collided on their bicycles

[10:59]  Allyssa Davison: lol

[10:59]  Emma Eros: ouch

[11:00]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: the fun never ends

[11:00]  Jonray Eros: I hear the clock tower

[11:00]  Jonray Eros: cool

[11:00]  Mari Asturias: yes.. it is set to the real time

[11:00]  Allyssa Davison: Jas and I do not have Mics. So we will type.

[11:00]  Mari Asturias: Peggy's pride and joy

[11:00]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Allyssa will run the slide presentation

[11:01]  Allyssa Davison: And we will both comment.

[11:01]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: kinda like RL

[11:01]  Emma Eros: lol

[11:01]  Allyssa Davison: We had actually gone to two exhibitions, Dia de Muertos and New Orleans

[11:01]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Both were very nice

[11:02]  Allyssa Davison: Unfortunately we were chased out of New Orleans by two obnoxious characters.

[11:02]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: well done

[11:02]  Allyssa Davison: We met the creator of the New Orleans display, but our conversation was interrupted.

[11:02]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: New Orleans was a nice recreation of RL

[11:03]  Allyssa Davison: He specifically focused on historic sites that had been damaged by Katrina

[11:03]  Allyssa Davison: Not many people there, but definately a nice place to visit. We did not get any screen shots before we left.

[11:04]  Allyssa Davison: He said he wanted people to see the buildings in their orignial splandor becasue he didn't know if they could all be restored.

[11:05]  Jess Mahoney is Online

[11:05]  Allyssa Davison: We spent most of our time at the Dia de Muertes exhibition

[11:06]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lag is starting to affect my typeing too.

[11:06]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I'm going to drop out of the breeze for now

[11:06]  Allyssa Davison: Adegorr was very interesting to talk to. He speaks very good English (better than me sometimes), but is not too confident in his skills.

[11:07]  Emma Eros: wasn't he suppose to come today?

[11:07]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: hew was going to try

[11:07]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: he

[11:07]  Allyssa Davison: I am typing Jas' comments too right now, boy are my fingers getting tired.

[11:07]  Mari Asturias: :-)

[11:07]  Allyssa Davison: We were hoping he would join us this morning, but he wasn't sure.

[11:07]  Mari Asturias: something to think about in designing instruction in here...

[11:08]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Many of the slides we have are composed of information from his notecards

[11:08]  Allyssa Davison: In creating the presentation he used many original writings form the time, some written by Mexico's conquerors.

[11:09]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: translation intact in many cases, we did correct a few typing errors but left the translation effect in place

[11:09]  Allyssa Davison: In the original spanish of the time. He said it was interesting interpreting some of the texts.

[11:10]  Allyssa Davison: We corrected spelling and only switched two words that were the wrong word. He approved our changes.

[11:10]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: The display was a tribute to a friend who died

[11:11]  Allyssa Davison: Adegorr and his friend were both Musicians. She taught children and was a great inspiration for him.

[11:11]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: it was meant as a joyful tribute, like the normal interpretation of the celebration of Dia del Muertes or Muertos

[11:12]  Emma Eros: that is really pretty

[11:12]  Allyssa Davison: This is the altar Adegorr set up. Altars are set up as a tribute to honor someone, not for worship.


[11:12]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Death as a celebration of transition

[11:12]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: from this life to the next

[11:13]  Allyssa Davison: I don't want to go too fast, has everyone seen the altar now?

[11:13]  Willow Shenlin: this is beautiful

[11:13]  Ron Eros: yes

[11:13]  Mari Asturias: yes

[11:13]  Allyssa Davison: We have a slide later that will explain what goes on the altar.

[11:13]  Emma Eros: yes

[11:14]  Allyssa Davison: We wanted to explain a little about the myth of Mictlan. We got this information from a Web site on myths.

[11:14]  Willow Shenlin: the phoenix universal commons

[11:15]  Allyssa Davison: According to Adegorr this is VERY watered down version. The Web site is geared towards young children.

[11:15]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: The display was set up like a photgraphic or art display with several walls of pictures each with a notecard explaining the item or concept he wanted to present

[11:16]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: We have only a small number of examples from his display

[11:16]  Allyssa Davison: The myth explains how mankind was created from bones taken from the underworld, Mictlan. And why we are all different.

[11:16]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: He was going to put the display up again for us to point you at through this weekend.

[11:17]  Allyssa Davison: We can share the landmark later.

[11:17]  Allyssa Davison: All Aztec Dieties have both a masculine and feminine aspect.

[11:18]  Allyssa Davison: The row of skulls that were palced on the altar represent the god Mictlantecuhtli.

[11:19]  Allyssa Davison: Posada is an artist who specializes in DiadeMuertos art. His art is very common in the celebratuions

[11:19]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Well known artist, the creatr had several pictures of his throughout the display

[11:20]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Love this one

[11:20]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: La Catrina is thought of lovingly

[11:20]  Willow Shenlin: the bald! good humor

[11:20]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lovingly

[11:20]  Allyssa Davison: La Catrina is not feared. She is seen as a friend.

[11:21]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Much of the celbration is good humor, very positive

[11:21]  Allyssa Davison: Arghhhhhhhhhh

[11:21]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: mouseview

[11:21]  Amy Wiggins: Lovely chapeau.

[11:21]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: don't you love it

[11:21]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Allyss is caught in mouseview again

[11:21]  Jonray Eros: Very interesting

[11:22]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Livfe is a dance, death is just the next one

[11:22]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: life

[11:22]  Allyssa Davison: Dia de Muertos means day of death, os day of the dead. It is a joyous occasion

[11:23]  Allyssa Davison: Death is seen as part of life's cycle.

[11:23]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: The celbration is multiple days long

[11:24]  Allyssa Davison: The dance is misspelled, should be Jarabe

[11:24]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: one of the days is specific to the ancestors, another to the young who have died.

[11:24]  Allyssa Davison: Here is the information about the altar, known as La Ofrenda.

[11:25]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: it is presented as a meal, just like every day

[11:25]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: but it specifically includes things that the departed family and friends enjoyed

[11:26]  Allyssa Davison: Nov 1 is seen as a dead to spend time with family adn friends who have passed. They are seen as a very real part of ones life. They have moved on but are still with us.

[11:26]  Allyssa Davison: Nov 2 is for children and for those who die in child birth.

[11:27]  Allyssa Davison: On this day the altar has lots of toys and candies. There are special candies in the shape of skulls and skeltons to

[11:28]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Waht was most enjooyable to me about this display was the opportunity to talk witht he creaor of the display

[11:28]  Allyssa Davison: This is a picture of an altar.

[11:28]  Allyssa Davison: The creator made comparisons between RL and SL and death.

[11:29]  Allyssa Davison: He feels many of the beliefs about death are realized in virtual worlds. An Other Life

[11:30]  Allyssa Davison: They believe that live continues after death but in another form.

[11:31]  Allyssa Davison: Adegorr Emphasized the blending of the past and the present in the beliefs and culture of Mexico.

[11:31]  Allyssa Davison: the end

[11:31]  Mari Asturias: wow!

[11:32]  Emma Eros: excellent

[11:32]  Mari Asturias: clap clap clap

[11:32]  Marcella Gondwana: nice

[11:32]  Bernardo Trudeau: very nice

[11:32]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I saw this presentation as one form of providing history more interesting

[11:32]  Ron Eros: clap, great

[11:32]  Jonray Eros: good job

[11:32]  Jonray Eros: very informative

[11:32]  Mari Asturias: yea team!

[11:32]  Tegwen Stardust: good job

[11:32]  Bernardo Trudeau: Three more to go. Sha, Amy, Ron...

[11:32]  Allyssa Davison: Adegorr took down the display on Nov 15th, but said he would put it back up for another week for any who want to visit.

[11:32]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Allyssa took the pictures

[11:32]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I talked alot with the creator

[11:33]  Emma Eros: i would like to see it

[11:33]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I saved teh chat

[11:33]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: with the creator

[11:33]  Tegwen Stardust: While they get set up, what is our plan for this afternoon?

[11:33]  Willow Shenlin: the sun a-raising!

[11:33]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: sorry john ray

[11:34]  Bernardo Trudeau: This afternoon we will collectively create the list of affordances and a taxonomy of learning possibilities.

[11:34]  Amy Wiggins: I could go, unless Sha or Ron would like to.

[11:34]  Bernardo Trudeau: And provide peer feedback on lessons.

[11:34]  Bernardo Trudeau: Go amy

Amy Wiggins

[11:34]  Amy Wiggins: I MIGHT have my mic issues settled.

[11:34]  Amy Wiggins: Whoops!

[11:35]  Amy Wiggins: Say cheese...

[11:35]  Amy Wiggins: for posterity...

[11:35]  Tegwen Stardust: cheese

[11:35]  Jess Mahoney is Online

[11:35]  EDTEC700 SlideViewerLarge m/c/no trans: Another RAD Solution.....

[11:36]  Mari Asturias: ok.. just rotate 180

[11:36]  Bernardo Trudeau: Cinerama

[11:36]  Amy Wiggins: Thanks, Mari!

[11:36]  Amy Wiggins: hee hee!

[11:36]  Amy Wiggins: Okay, I'm gonna try my mic...

[11:36]  Amy Wiggins: I tested it; any luck?

[11:36]  Bernardo Trudeau: no

[11:36]  Amy Wiggins: :-(

[11:36]  Mari Asturias: double click it.. remember.. you're going frm another window

[11:37]  Amy Wiggins: Oh, I single clicked. Lemme try again...

[11:37]  Bernardo Trudeau: click on the lock

[11:37]  Amy Wiggins: Done; lock is clicked. Anything?

[11:37]  Mari Asturias: i see the mic icon now.. still gray though

[11:37]  Mari Asturias: are you accidentally muted?

[11:38]  Amy Wiggins: How can I check?

[11:38]  Mari Asturias: on your headset I mean

[11:38]  Amy Wiggins: Oh, good lookin' out. Lemme check...

[11:38]  Amy Wiggins: Nope, mic's on and plugged into the right jack.

[11:38]  Amy Wiggins: I can hear through my 'phones, though. Weird.

[11:39]  Amy Wiggins: Ah, well...getting the show on the road...

[11:39]  Amy Wiggins: I'm sitting here bleary eyed from lack of sleep! I've been in SL every night this week!

[11:39]  Amy Wiggins: Except for last night, when I had ISP problems.

[11:40]  Amy Wiggins: Yesterday, I taught a podcasting class for SDCCD. But only two people showed up, so I showed them SL instead.

[11:40]  Amy Wiggins: We started at about 10, and we blinked, and it was 1pm. We had a blast!

[11:41]  Tegwen Stardust: welcome....i have a hobbit outfit too, but can't transfer or copy, was too much money

[11:41]  Amy Wiggins: I took lots of pix of my students and the avis we met, but when I tried to upload them, my computer crashed and I lost them ALL.

[11:41]  Amy Wiggins: /cry

[11:41]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: sad

[11:42]  Emma Eros: how did you send the landmark to everyone?

[11:42]  Amy Wiggins: Oh, well. I "cut" them and was about to "paste" them when I crashed. Live and learn.

[11:42]  Amy Wiggins: So here are some other sites I saw, as well as one Mari took my students and me to yesterday (thanks, Mari!)

[11:42]  Amy Wiggins: whoops!

[11:42]  Amy Wiggins: Well, there's a tribute to Mari!

[11:42]  Amy Wiggins: :-)

[11:43]  Amy Wiggins: Sorry; thought I had them in order.

[11:43]  Amy Wiggins: Yesterday, I took my students to the SDSU campus, and Mari showed up with a little red hat on. She said she was just coming back from Virtual Morocco.

[11:44]  Amy Wiggins: I lost the pix of her and my students there, but here's an overview.

[11:44]  Amy Wiggins: It's cool; it's set up up like a Moroccan bazaar. Some stands are still available for sale!

[11:44]  Amy Wiggins: They have carpets booths, baskets of spices, and a little tea shop.

[11:45]  Amy Wiggins: When you arrive, you can copy an "InfoFez." If you click it, you get a message which will take you to a website.

[11:46]  Amy Wiggins: But when I put on my fez, it was crooked and I had to edit it. And I lost my hair!

[11:46]  Amy Wiggins: Here's the tea shop. Yesterday, an avi from the sim was there with me. He poured my tea. :-(

[11:47]  Amy Wiggins: I thought it was very pretty. The design and the textures are nice. If you haven't gone to virtual Morocco yet, I hope you do.

[11:48]  Amy Wiggins: Yesterday, the creator showed (unfortunately, hers was one of the pix I lost!).

[11:48]  Amy Wiggins: But I had thought that this al sounded familiar, and it turned out that I had heard her speak about her sim at the SL Convention in San Francisco on August.

[11:48]  Amy Wiggins: Small world, even virtually!

[11:49]  Amy Wiggins: Her avi name is "Ann Enigma." In RL, she's Hilary Mason, a prof at a college in OH.

[11:49]  Amy Wiggins: I can look up the name; I saved our chat.

[11:50]  Amy Wiggins: This whole sim was done as a project for the Moroccan Board of Tourism.

[11:50]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: thats cool

[11:50]  Amy Wiggins: Her students have gone to Morocco before designing the sim, and students will visit her school from Morocco as well.

[11:51]  Amy Wiggins: I've also taken several classes.

[11:51]  Amy Wiggins: I learned how to make a floaty.

[11:51]  Emma Eros: lol--that looks like fun

[11:51]  Amy Wiggins: The floaties spin! I can give you the script and pose ball. :-)

[11:52]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: nifty

[11:52]  Amy Wiggins: I also tried to attend a class on how to make $$$ in SL. But the teacher never showed!

[11:52]  Bernardo Trudeau: did he collect tuition first?

[11:52]  Amy Wiggins: I must say that I've had iffy experiences in the Educational Events put on by Rev U.

[11:52]  Allyssa Davison: was that the lesson?

[11:52]  Amy Wiggins: He actually did, Bernardo!

[11:53]  Bernardo Trudeau: lesson learned

[11:53]  Mari Asturias: hmmmm

[11:53]  Amy Wiggins: Or at least, he had a pyramid to which we could "contribute." Not required, though.

[11:53]  Amy Wiggins: I'd recommend courses by Teazer U (TUi) much more highly.

[11:53]  Amy Wiggins: I have a gift for each of you in the class I took with one of TUi's instructors. VERY nice, er, wolf.

[11:54]  Jonray Eros: Nice. Thank you.

[11:54]  Amy Wiggins: NetG is a division of Thomson Learning; I use their texts in my SDSU courses.

[11:54]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: cool

[11:54]  Emma Eros: thanxs

[11:54]  Mari Asturias: I've been to NetG...

11:54]  Amy Wiggins: They hava whole virtual campus in SL, and they're offering courses there now.

[11:54]  Allyssa Davison: Cool

[11:54]  Jonray Eros: Wow.

[11:55]  Amy Wiggins: But I was surprised at how traditional the class lab actually looks.

[11:55]  Jonray Eros: Interesting

[11:55]  Amy Wiggins: Isn't part of the point of SL to turn the learning environment on its ear?

[11:55]  Ron Eros: nice, intersting

[11:55]  Amy Wiggins: But of course, they didn't ask me. :-)

[11:55]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I use/ have used many of Thomson's books in my classes too

[11:55]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: Thompson

[11:55]  Amy Wiggins: Their campus is set up for corporate meetings and events.

[11:55]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: do they rent it out?

[11:56]  Amy Wiggins: I think it is Thomson, Jasmyn, but I'll double check. Thanks. I think you would search for "Thomson" or "NetG."

[11:56]  Amy Wiggins: I don't know about rentals; good question.

[11:56]  Amy Wiggins: It was pretty empty when I was in there. Late night PT.

[11:56]  Amy Wiggins: This is their outdoor lounge area.

[11:56]  Amy Wiggins: Can't manipulate the bottles, though.

[11:57]  Amy Wiggins: I tried!

[11:57]  Amy Wiggins: There are lots of chairs and tables around, so residents can get cozy and talk.

[11:58]  Amy Wiggins: They even offer some ideas as to why anyone would take courses in SL as opposed to RL. I thought that was interesting. And helpful.

[11:58]  Mari Asturias: what did you think of their podcasts?

[11:58]  Amy Wiggins: I didn't hear any, Mari, but I want to go back. Did you hear any there, or on the web?

[11:59]  Mari Asturias: I noticed they offer them.. but I wondered why I'd want to sit in a chair to hear them.... instead of on my time and place

[11:59]  Amy Wiggins: I couldn't say.

[11:59]  Amy Wiggins: That is the point of podcasting, isn't it?

[11:59]  Mari Asturias: yea

[12:00]  Amy Wiggins: This is my gift to you; what I made in my Teazer U class.

[12:00]  Amy Wiggins: An apple for every teacher!

[12:01]  Amy Wiggins: You can attach it to yourself and eat it.

[12:01]  Jonray Eros: Thank you.

[12:01]  Jonray Eros: Cool

[12:01]  Amy Wiggins: If you'd like the script, I can give it to you.

[12:01]  Amy Wiggins: Here's how it works.

[12:01]  Jonray Eros: We are getting so much free stuff today. I love it.

[12:01]  Amy Wiggins: I had fun running around SL.

[12:01]  Amy Wiggins: Oh, JonRay, there's TONS out there!

[12:02]  Amy Wiggins: Just search for what you want.

[12:02]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I'd like the script. I haven't gotten an apple yet

[12:02]  Amy Wiggins: Sorry, Jas!

[12:02]  Amy Wiggins: I think you're behind Teg. I'll get it to you.

[12:02]  Amy Wiggins: Jon, I found this outfit in SL. THis is my "educational explorer" persona.

[12:03]  Tegwen Stardust: i have an apple, thanks.

[12:03]  Amy Wiggins: I saw "The Avengers" on BBC America last week, and I wanted to look like Emma Peele!

[12:03]  Amy Wiggins: /chuckle

[12:03]  Amy Wiggins: Thanks, everyone!

[12:03]  Emma Eros: clap, clap

[12:03]  Emma Eros: good places

[12:03]  Amy Wiggins: Enjoy your snack! Almost lunch time!

[12:03]  Ron Eros: clapclcapgood

[12:03]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I remember Emma Peele!

[12:03]  Jonray Eros: good job

[12:03]  Allyssa Davison: clap, clap

[12:03]  Marcella Gondwana: clapclap

[12:04]  Bernardo Trudeau: great.

[12:04]  Bernardo Trudeau: Ron is next

[12:04]  Amy Wiggins: There you go, Jas!

[12:04]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: thanks

[12:05]  EDTEC700 SlideViewerLarge m/c/no trans: Another RAD Solution.....

[12:05]  Mari Asturias: I can see Ron's AV looking through is inventory :-)

[12:05]  Coffee Mug whispers: Ahh! Fresh Hot Coffee

[12:06]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: thanks

[12:06]  Amy Wiggins: NP!

[12:06]  Mari Asturias: ok.. I can see your slides in there.. all you need to do is touch it..

Ron Eros

[12:06]  EDTEC700 SlideViewerLarge m/c/no trans: Another RAD Solution.....

[12:07]  Ron Eros: I'm touching it nothing seems to be happening

[12:07]  Emma Eros: cuz of lag

[12:07]  Amy Wiggins: Ah ha.

[12:07]  Mari Asturias: I can see both scripts and the notecard in there

[12:08]  Mari Asturias: no... not lag

[12:08]  Mari Asturias: so.. you just clicked on it?

[12:08]  Ron Eros: right clicked nothing

[12:08]  Mari Asturias: just click

[12:08]  Allyssa Davison: just left click

[12:09]  Willow Shenlin: Hello, avatar!

[12:09]  Allyssa Davison: Then you should see a next button

[12:09]  Ron Eros: sorry I meant left

[12:09]  Mari Asturias: yay!!!!!

[12:09]  Bernardo Trudeau: yay

[12:10]  Ron Eros: okay I searched a number of different areas and I really liked the ISM the best


[12:10]  Amy Wiggins: Yay! Spaceport Alpha! Way cool!

[12:11]  Ron Eros: It had exhibits, hands on interaction, areas for discussion, everything!

[12:11]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: cool!

[12:12]  Ron Eros: This place is so chokedful of things to do and see and experience I particully spent most of mine time there

[12:12]  Ron Eros: I felt it also had the most educational possibilites too

[12:13]  Ron Eros: There is something here for everybody

[12:14]  Ron Eros: I am experencing so lag bear with me

[12:14]  Amy Wiggins: No worries, Ron.

[12:14]  Amy Wiggins: Sometimes, I have to log out, and before I log back in, go to Preferences > Network > Clear Cache.

[12:15]  Ron Eros: Sorry, but my computer is slowwww

[12:15]  Amy Wiggins: I find that often kicks things into gear.

[12:15]  Amy Wiggins: We're with ya...

[12:15]  Ron Eros: Anyway, here is the Second life planetarium, quite informational and entertainging

[12:16]  Ron Eros: They also have working telscopres for you to be able to use too

[12:17]  Ron Eros: When you are in the planetarium they have an audio explanation of what you are seeing which I found to be helpful

[12:17]  Jonray Eros: This is a nice feature

[12:17]  Ron Eros: It helped me to see outer space in a whole new light

[12:17]  Jonray Eros: How so?

[12:18]  Jasmyn Soothsayer is Online

[12:18]  Jonray Eros: Where the pictures from RL?

[12:18]  Jonray Eros: Were, sorry

[12:18]  Ron Eros: I had never really seen the star lined up so well as they were in the planetarium

[12:19]  Ron Eros: I found this picture to be quite interesting

[12:19]  Amy Wiggins: /wow

[12:19]  Ron Eros: Not only do we have the space shuttle but thepsace station and the planets in our solar system

[12:20]  Ron Eros: all aligned in a row like a few years ago

[12:20]  Emma Eros: that is cool

[12:21]  Ron Eros: In clicking on each of these object, extremely well written note card chocked full of information come up many with website for you to visit especially NASA

[12:22]  Ron Eros: The nice thing here is each time you move you get a different view of the universe

[12:22]  Amy Wiggins: One of my cadremates works with NASA at Boeing. NASA has LOTS of ed resources, and they're great about sharing them.

[12:22]  Ron Eros: on the platform

[12:23]  Ron Eros: Anway there are teleports that take you to each of the next planets for you to vistit, with detailed information on them

[12:24]  Ron Eros: Each planet has information on it but alos the different probes that have passed by and informatiion they have collected

[12:24]  Allyssa Davison: cool

[12:25]  Ron Eros: I also found it interersting that with each of these planets the accompnying moons come with , if I am not mistaken one on these planets has 63 moons!

[12:25]  Bernardo Trudeau: There are only 95 in the whole solar system.

[12:27]  Ron Eros: In regard to the study of the atmoshpere, meterology , physics, pictures such as this had real educational possibilities

[12:29]  Ron Eros: The slide is very slow coming uup for me again my deepest apologies

[12:29]  Emma Eros: no problem

[12:29]  Amy Wiggins: No worries, Ron!

12:32]  Ron Eros: This was a picture of one of the weather satellites with weather informatiion it could provide

[12:33]  Ron Eros: Many of the sattellites again were loaded with alot of infomration but I foudn the ones on weather the most interesting

[12:33]  Bernardo Trudeau: 5 minutes, ron

[12:33]  Ron Eros: I will hurry through sorry

[12:34]  Ron Eros: Here we transported to the martian surface wich I found to be fasinating with the explorer there

[12:34]  Ron Eros: I believe you could mmve that around

[12:36]  Ron Eros: Here we have a model of ares outside of our universe with opportuintyies to listen to a space telescope

[12:37]  Ron Eros: at this point they dare you to jump which I did

[12:37]  Mari Asturias: good for you

[12:37]  Allyssa Davison: What happened when you jumped?

[12:38]  Ron Eros: I simply went splat and got up again

[12:38]  Allyssa Davison: lol

[12:38]  Jonray Eros: lol

[12:38]  Mari Asturias: lol.. yep

[12:38]  Ron Eros: which is what is nice about sl

[12:39]  Ron Eros: Here is the amphitheatre for events , unfortunately my time shcedule would not allow me to be able to attend, slso shwoings of NASA events

[12:40]  Amy Wiggins: Spaceport Alpha has lots of events. They had a talk about commercial space travel recently. A serious one.

[12:42]  Ron Eros: Lastly, you will see a map of the facility which will show many of the additional opportunities one could participate in, what is nice is you can get into the different space capsule and check them out, Done Thank You

[12:42]  Bernardo Trudeau: /clap

[12:43]  Bernardo Trudeau: Sha is up

[12:43]  Marcella Gondwana: thanks

[12:43]  Jonray Eros: good job

[12:43]  Marcella Gondwana: (for the presentation, Rob)

[12:43]  Mari Asturias: WooT

[12:43]  Marcella Gondwana: Ron

[12:43]  Emma Eros: great job

[12:43]  Allyssa Davison: Very interesting

Sha Zambia

[12:44]  Amy Wiggins: Wow, is Sha ever UP!

[12:44]  Mari Asturias: you DID it!

[12:44]  Bernardo Trudeau: Sha is indeed, up.

[12:44]  Ron Eros: Yes thank you Mari

[12:44]  Amy Wiggins: Doncha hate it when all of a sudden, you just take off flying?

[12:44]  Allyssa Davison: up up and away?

[12:44]  Emma Eros: like superman

[12:44]  Amy Wiggins: Except I usually bump my head!

[12:44]  EDTEC700 SlideViewerLarge m/c/no trans: Another RAD Solution.....

[12:45]  Mari Asturias: yay!

[12:45]  Sha Zambia: okay

[12:45]  Amy Wiggins: Go Sha...Go Sha...

[12:45]  Emma Eros: oh dear

[12:45]  Jonray Eros: I love your rags.

[12:45]  Amy Wiggins: Smoking in the classroom, eh?

[12:45]  Amy Wiggins: Aren't there laws about that?

[12:46]  Mari Asturias: he's been smokin all mornin

[12:46]  Sha Zambia: ok so i went to a bible study

[12:46]  Ron Eros: oh no

[12:46]  Amy Wiggins: In that outfit?

[12:46]  Jonray Eros: Sha, will you be using Breeze

[12:46]  Sha Zambia: no

[12:46]  Allyssa Davison: Sha is always smoking one way or another.

[12:46]  Bernardo Trudeau: Love the plumber's crack.

[12:46]  Sha Zambia: ty

[12:46]  Sha Zambia: ty

[12:46]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: lol

[12:46]  Amy Wiggins: /laughhysterically

[12:46]  Emma Eros: lol

[12:46]  Sha Zambia: it was cool

[12:47]  Amy Wiggins: Skype seems to work very well with SL.

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: meets on Fridays and Sunday

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: Friday is the bible study

[12:47]  Ron Eros: where at?

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: there were people from all over

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: i have the coords later

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: you can hear sound in sl

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: but also on skype for free

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: there are diff

[12:47]  Ron Eros: thanks

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: access #s for each country

[12:47]  Mari Asturias: how many countries were there sha?

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: idk

[12:47]  Sha Zambia: maybe 5

[12:48]  Sha Zambia: the france # was down I guess

[12:48]  Sha Zambia: it is also available for download on itunes later

[12:48]  Sha Zambia: and there is a google group for the church too

[12:48]  Sha Zambia: okee

[12:48]  Sha Zambia: should come up any time

[12:48]  Sha Zambia: there we go

[12:48]  Ron Eros: what church is this and where is it in rl?

[12:48]  Sha Zambia: so there was a pretty good turn out

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: no rl church as far as i know

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: only sl

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: you can see me on the right

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: listening attentively

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: there was very little interaction among the attendees

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: which I didn't like

[12:49]  Ron Eros: was your get up distracting to them

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: mostly just the guy talking to us all

[12:49]  Amy Wiggins: So there is a church among all the casinos and sex shops.

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: nope

[12:49]  Amy Wiggins: Good to know.

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: there were all kinds there

[12:49]  Mari Asturias: more than one actually

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: yes

[12:49]  Sha Zambia: correct

[12:50]  Sha Zambia: nice surroundings

[12:50]  Allyssa Davison: Jas and I found a Budhist temple

[12:50]  Sha Zambia: So i guess normally they pick apart a certain scripture verse

[12:50]  Sha Zambia: then relate to it from biblical times and also modern times

[12:51]  Sha Zambia: but my experience was diff

[12:51]  Sha Zambia: we were just supposed to write down things we were thankful for

[12:51]  Ron Eros: how was that?

[12:51]  Sha Zambia: like people in our lives

[12:51]  Sha Zambia: what God has done in our lives over the past year etc.

[12:51]  Sha Zambia: with each request the moderator would give us about a min to write stuff down

[12:52]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: writing on your own, or online

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: he would also read scripture verses to support whatever he was tlaking about

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: in rl

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: not online

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: we were supposed to add to the list as the week proceeded

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: and there is no meeting this fri due to the holiday

[12:52]  Amy Wiggins: How does he have you add to the list? Does he have a wiki on the web?

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: so i guess he will get things back to normal in 2 wks

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: it is not a digital list

[12:52]  Sha Zambia: just pencil and paper

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: on my desk

[12:53]  Amy Wiggins: Oh.

[12:53]  Mari Asturias: so.. kind of a blended modality type of thing?

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: yah

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: yes

[12:53]  Allyssa Davison: So no sharing among the atendees?

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: nope

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: none

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: very little interaction among the attendees

[12:53]  Amy Wiggins: Hmmm...even though you had Skype? Interesting.

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: mostly just listened to the guy talk over skype

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: yea

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: well

[12:53]  Amy Wiggins: Maybe the minister wanted it that way.

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: it was a conference call of some kind

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: it was free

[12:53]  Sha Zambia: just dial the # and listen

[12:54]  Bernardo Trudeau: Did he pass the hat?

[12:54]  Amy Wiggins: I think you can have up to 99 in a Skype conference call. I might even be more now.

[12:54]  Sha Zambia: no

[12:54]  Sha Zambia: free

[12:54]  Sha Zambia: here I am listening attentively

[12:54]  Sha Zambia: thinking of things I am thankful for

[12:54]  Sha Zambia: I guess I already talked about this

[12:55]  Sha Zambia: I really wish I could have seen a normal session

[12:55]  Sha Zambia: I think there would have been more opportunities for learning

[12:55]  Sha Zambia: oh well

[12:55]  Sha Zambia: next slide...

[12:55]  Jonray Eros: lol

[12:55]  Sha Zambia: HUH?

[12:55]  Sha Zambia: What is this?

[12:56]  Jonray Eros: what the heck

[12:56]  Emma Eros: lol

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: Oh my goodness

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: Who did this?

[12:56]  Jonray Eros: shock factor

[12:56]  Tegwen Stardust: hey....

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: I DEMAND to know who is responsible for this outrage!

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: I'm so sorry everyone

[12:56]  Bernardo Trudeau: I'd rather go to this church

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: what an embarassing situation

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: wow

[12:56]  Emma Eros: that is some church meeting

[12:56]  Emma Eros: lol

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: I'm so sorry

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: really

[12:56]  Allyssa Davison: How disguuuuuuuuusting!

[12:56]  Allyssa Davison: not

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: I don't know how this happened

[12:56]  Willow Shenlin: Boratz?

[12:56]  Sha Zambia: lets just move on

[12:57]  Tegwen Stardust: copybot?

[12:57]  Amy Wiggins: Looking good!

[12:57]  Sha Zambia: okay

[12:57]  Sha Zambia: so here we are near the end of the study

[12:57]  Sha Zambia: that monkey guy was kind of a heckler

[12:57]  Emma Eros: is that giant monkey?

[12:57]  Bernardo Trudeau: (there was a scene like that in Fellini's Amarcord)

[12:57]  Sha Zambia: yah

[12:57]  Amy Wiggins: Even furries go to church!

[12:57]  Sha Zambia: yep

[12:57]  Amy Wiggins: LOl!

[12:57]  Sha Zambia: he kept slapping the air with some sort of sex toy

[12:58]  Amy Wiggins: Isn't it interesting how we all gather in front of the teacher, just like in RL...

[12:58]  Amy Wiggins: Sitting quietly with our hands in our laps.

[12:58]  Mari Asturias: griefing can get pretty interesting in SL

[12:58]  Allyssa Davison: I wonder if that is why the minister limited interaction.

[12:58]  Jonray Eros: That's true

[12:58]  Sha Zambia: i doubt it

[12:58]  Sha Zambia: we just pretty much ignored him

[12:58]  Emma Eros: that's horrible

[12:58]  Sha Zambia: although I found it entertaining when he started praising "the almighty shamalamadingdong"

[12:58]  Allyssa Davison: sort of like the guy in New Orleans.

[12:58]  Sha Zambia: whatever

[12:59]  Mari Asturias: I was at a church service in here once.. and it was the worst griefing I've ever experienced...

[12:59]  Sha Zambia: so here is what I thought

[12:59]  Sha Zambia: the SL sound was actually fine

[12:59]  Sha Zambia: just delayed by 40 sec

[12:59]  Sha Zambia: so I decided to go with skype

[12:59]  Sha Zambia: which I thought was a clever use of two technologies

[13:00]  Sha Zambia: I'm not sure if participation is better normally or not

[13:00]  Sha Zambia: so I'd like to find that out

[13:00]  Sha Zambia: I guess they hold sermons on sunday too

[13:00]  Sha Zambia: but I don't know if that would be any different than what I saw

[13:00]  Sha Zambia: Afterwards everyone danced

[13:00]  Sha Zambia: Good Times

[13:01]  Sha Zambia: Yeah baby YEAH!

[13:01]  Emma Eros: lol

[13:01]  Jonray Eros: wow

[13:01]  Jonray Eros: lookin good

[13:01]  Amy Wiggins: Looking good!

[13:01]  Emma Eros: nice thong

[13:01]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: tooo cute

[13:02]  Jonray Eros: NIce work.

[13:02]  Mari Asturias: yay!!!

[13:02]  Mari Asturias: we did it!

[13:02]  Emma Eros: clap, clap

[13:02]  Bernardo Trudeau: bravo.

[13:02]  Jonray Eros: Get down

[13:02]  Ron Eros: yay! clap clap

[13:02]  Bernardo Trudeau: Get down or sit down?

[13:02]  Emma Eros: are we going to have time to meet for lunch?

[13:02]  Sha Zambia: I'm a dancin machine!

[13:02]  Jasmyn Soothsayer: I need to eat

[13:02]  Bernardo Trudeau: OK...

[13:02]  Allyssa Davison: Me too

[13:03]  Ron Eros: haaaaaaaaaaaaaa