Fall, 2006
Taught by Bernie Dodge, Marcie Bober and Dan McDowell

Update and extend your skills with these special one-unit seminars. Each course includes an online component for discussions and questions between class sessions as well as an extensive list of readings and resources for later use. Kick start your professional development with these fun and challenging courses.

Up to six units of EDTEC 700 may be applied to a Masters degree in Educational Technology.

Current SDSU students can register via web portal. Not taking classes now at SDSU? No problem. Come to the first class and register through Open University. Cost for each class through open university is $195. Questions? Write bdodge@mail.sdsu.edu.


EDTEC 700 Section 1: Advanced Digital Video
2 Saturdays: 10/14 & 10/28. 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Making movies isn't just a fun add on for teachers. It actually can be a tool for engaging a wide spectrum of learners in content learning, enhancing higher level thinking  like synthesis, reflection, and application.  Learn to create and use media rich presentations as well as develop student activities for using digital video to engage students in content learning in ways other text  rich media can't.  Learn how to use still images, digital video, sound effects, audio voice dubs, special effects, multi-layered video tracks, and many more easy to use edits to your raw photos and digital artifacts. Schedule # 11141.


EDTEC 700 Section 3: Educational Podcasting
2 Saturdays: 9/16 & 9/30. 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Podcasting is this year's hot new technology. How can it be used in K-12 and corporate training settings? What tools and formats are appropriate? We'll design, create and disseminate our own podcasts and tell the world our stories. Schedule # 11163

EDTEC 700 Section 2: Making Your Case: The Art of Oral and Written Communications
2 Saturdays: 9/9 & 9/23. 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Communication is at the heart of educational technology. Each aspect or element of the process calls for dialogue with others --- sponsors, clients, key stakeholders, users, funders ... the list is endless. The goal, of course, is to engage people in what you're doing and why. In this course, we'll focus in particular on oral and written communication--emphasizing tone/formality, organization and structure, level of detail, word choice, segues and transitions, audience tailoring, body language, and more. No matter what the "output" (e.g., briefing, meeting minutes, or report of findings), you'll come away with strategies to ensure you get your message across to others.
Schedule # 11152

EDTEC 700 Section 4: 3-D Multi-user Learning Environments
2 Saturdays: 11/4 & 11/18. 8:30am to 4:30pm.

What could you teach in a virtual 3-D world where the surroundings and learners can change their appearance at will? We'll look at simulations, role-plays, cross-cultural exchanges, 3-D WebQuests and more while examining issues of identity and etiquette. Participants will create a lesson plan, a reflection piece, and a well-dressed avatar.
Schedule # 11174


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