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Wikis as Tools for Collaborative Learning
and Knowledge Management

Wikis allow the creation of web pages that are open for anyone to edit. By making the web a two-way street, they open up new possibilities for collaborative writing projects and can capture and disseminate the knowledge of colleagues in a company or discipline. Learn how to create interactive stories, micropedias, and shoestring knowledge management systems. Meets 9/24 and 10/8. Schedule # 11325



This course is designed to be practical, current, interesting, empowering and thought-provoking. It is built around active learning and collaborative thinking. When we're done, you'll have created a lesson plan that makes use of this technology and developed insights that will enable you to design additional wiki experiences for your classrooom, workplace or for your own self-development.


This course is targeted at teachers at the K-12 and college levels and those who design learning environments and performance support in other realms. No prior experience with wikis is needed.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn how to

  • identify opportunities in your curriculum which can be enhanced through the use of wikis;
  • analyze the motivational aspects of a learning environment to ascertain the feasibility of incorporating a wiki;
  • describe design patterns for wiki use and select one appropriate for a given situation;
  • design a complete plan for an eduwiki and seed it with preliminary content.


A growing list of course-related links is available in wiki form and will be maintained after the course is over, ideally by YOU.


Course Outline

Session 1: September 24, 2005




Session 2: October 8, 2005