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Allison's background

Pat Harrison brought Allison to San Diego in 1977. When she came to San Diego from NYC, she, Dave Sharpe and Pat were the Educational Technology faculty, a group that was then concentrating attention on synchronized slide tapes, and instructional design, of course. As you can tell from browsing the department's web site, we've come a long, long way, adding intriguing new colleagues, updating courses and approaches, and attracting wonderful students to our Masters and doctoral programs.

Allison is proud of a lively long-term relationship. She also has two fabulous cats, Shayna and Gwynn. Yes, Gwynn was named for Tony Gwynn, the San Diego Padres excellent retired ball player. Allison actually exercises more than she did when she wrote the initial entry on this web page and is committed to the treadmill, cross trainer, and mountain trails. She continues to like her work more than is healthy.

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