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hat Allison is up to now...

Allison and Caleb playing drums

Allison Rossett and Caleb Clark, former
student and current SDSU instructor /collaborator

Today, Allison is thinking hard about reform and change. How do we develop and support better workforce learning and performance professionals? Teachers? Detectives? Auditors? How do we use executive interest in technology to put meaningful systems in place, to shift to blends that provide learning and support where and when it is needed. Allison was recently interviewed about her current passions, one of which is the shift of legacy classroom instruction to blends. She is updating her book, Handbook of Job Aids, to reflect the rich possibilities boosted by new technologies and ways of thinking about learning and work. Allison continues to work on performance support tools devoted to nudging workforce learning professionals towards more strategic roles in their organizations.

Dr. Rossett has devoted her career to the development of workforce learning and technology professionals. She has worked, in the United States and abroad, on many projects, including sales training, management development, culture change within large organizations, independent learning and coaching systems, and most often, the redesign and rejuvenation of education and training organizations and their people.

Allison has helped several organizations shift large education units to performance analysis and technology-centered solution systems, efforts that involve asking hard questions about digital learning strategy and organizational commitment.

She remains intrigued with the relationship between knowledge management and training, resulting in a web site that looks at that relationship: Knowledge Management for Training Professionals.


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