Personal Narrative 9/98
English 5
Alex Dodge


At first I couldn't remember his name. It was very embarrassing. I met him on the first day of kindergarten. (I thought that it was going to be fun to go to school, dumb mistake on my part.) I'm talking about my long time friend Jasper Wu.

At school and at home we dug in the mud and swung on the play equipment. We went over to each others homes and went out to lots of restaurants. From that time on we were very good friends, but at the end of the school year he had to move away to Taiwan.

He comes back every summer and we go to assorted classes. At first we just went to art class, but after a while we got bored and decided to get creative. We went to rocket class. During rocket class we shot up rockets and watched as they came down. It was fun. But we got bored with that so this year we just stayed home and played. This year my family got a motor home, so Jasper and I went camping by ourselves in the motor home in the street.

We went out to the motor home. We had fun talking and making plans. It was strange to be out on the street by ourselves. We sort of wanted an alarm to go off, in case any one tried to open the door. With those thoughts we settled down. I'm not sure who went to sleep first, but I think it was Jasper. When I woke up Jasper was all ready to build the security device but I was still a little too groggy to help him. We also wanted the time in the motor home to last longer, so instead of letting our moms know we were awake, we had a quick breakfast of the little crackers left over from the trip. He started reading a Star Wars book, Planet of Twilight, I think. When we were both ready we started building the device. We discovered that we needed more supplies.

The next day we went to UTC and got our pictures taken. We have had our pictures taken together every year and this year was no exception. After we that we went to Radio Shack to get some parts to add to the security device.

That night, we finished adding the extra parts to the device and it worked wonderfully.

Sure enough, when we went to bed the moms came in to say goodnight. They stepped right on the switch. It worked! They were so surprised. Jasper and I had fun making that first device.

Next year we've already made plans to put a bigger battery on it.