November 18, 1998


Hello Fifth Grade Class of Humlebo and Teachers,

Thank you for letting me come to your classroom. It was fun. The food was very good. I got all your letters in the folder. Thank you for taking the time to write them. You are very good at English, I'm surprised that you've only been studying it for two and a half years. I'm going to try to write to you guys when you write to me. I hope to learn some Swedish too but I don't think I'll ever be as good as you are in English since your teacher really knows English (My mother only sort of remembers some Swedish). Perhaps you can help me learn Swedish in your letters.

We left Sweden the day after I last saw you. Before we left Amanda and her folks took us to see the bridge that is being built from Sweden to Denmark. It was dark when we got there, but the exhibit was nice-and so was the food! I hope you have been able to go see it. Most of the trip home was long and boring. I managed to finish all my new Star Wars books and was forced to go to sleep at the end as it took so long.

(A web site that shows lots of pictures of my state is

About five days after we left Sweden, may dad gave a speech at a conference in Anaheim. My mom and I came along. We went to Knott's Berry Farm to eat almost everyday to get enough jam packets for all of you. The juice is concentrated so you'll have to add water. (We are sending the jam and juice in a box it will arrive later on.) I love Swedish lingonberries and California boysenberries. At Knott's Berry Farm they have lots of them. I had boysenberry juice, ice cream, pie, and jam! I don't know if you have boysenberries in Sweden or not. They were developed in California and made famous by Walter Knott.

It was not until the early '30's that Walter Knott became associated with the "boysenberry" which has become the Knott trademark. Nearby Anaheim Parks Superintendent, Rudolph Boysen, had experimented with a new strain of berry, but the plants were dying on the vine. Knott took the scraggly plants, nurtured them to health and named the new berry -- a cross between a loganberry, red raspberry and blackberry - after its originator. Today, all the boysenberries in the world can trace their roots to Knott's Berry Farm.


We met up with some home schoolers at a park while we were in Orange County. Some of the kids were playing a card game called Magic the Gathering. Do you have Magic the Gathering in Sweden? It was very warm at the park and people were doing different things like sunbathing, swinging, playing in the sand or roller skating. I guess it is snowing where you are.

On our way home we stopped at an IKEA store to look around and eat and to remember our trip to Sweden and meeting you. I hope to return soon.

I am now finished with writing back to each person who wrote me. I mostly put the answers in the order of the letters in the folder. Thank you again for letting me come to your school and writing me so many letters. Åjo, Åjo


Letters from San Diego: Hello from Alex!

Dear Sarah,

I have only one cat and her name is Pumpkin. Pumpkin sort of looks like the cat in this picture. I have no brothers of sisters. Hej då!

Dear Maja,

You probably already got my email so I don't have much more to say. Thank you again for your email and looking me up on the web! Bye!

Dear Vamila,

I like to play tennis but I haven't done it in a long time now. As we are going on trips. I have one cat and her name is Pumpkin. It must be fun to have so many cats. Do they play together? Yes we do have Internet. But I don't get on it very often. Bye!

Dear Marcel,

I like tennis but I haven't played in a long time. I think 25 meters is three times the length of our house, wow! You are a good swimmer. I don't have any of the games you talked about, but I have EV (Escape Velocity). You can download it from the Internet ( Bye!

Dear Sara E.,

I can't imagine having a RAT for a pet. My mother would never go for that! Once, my dad was in Africa sitting at a café. He saw a loaf of bread sitting in the corner. Lots of flies were going in and out, it was like a fly hotel. When his food came they took a slice of that bread and served it to him. That enough disgusting tails for now. I'm nut so grit wyth spelling eather. I use the spell checker on the computer to help me out. Bye!!!

Dear Oskar L.,

My "Hot Mail" Addy is I use my mom's. She said I can write to everyone using her email. I play the piano. Does your family play like a band? Bye!!!

Dear Susanna,

I'll be 11 on March 3rd. I have no brothers or sisters. I have cousins that I see once a year ore so. They live in Lancaster, PA near the Amish people. Last summer we met them in New Mexico and went on a river rafting ride, it was exciting. My cousins names are: Susanna (10 years old), she has red hair but her brother told me she dyes it. Tommy (9 years old), he like electronics and so do I. I also have a friend whose name is Jasper (9 1/2 years old), he is from Taiwan and comes over to the US once a year. Bye!!!!

Dear Nour,

On Saturday I go to a science class with some other home schoolers. On Sunday I don't do anything special. We have been traveling a lot this past year so it's hard to keep a schedule. I like to take tennis when I can. And, no my parents are not divorced. Bye!!

Dear Sofia,

What's a Byggen? I see that byggn means to build. I have no sisters. My parents names are: Bernie and June. My father is a professor. My mother teaches me at home and evaluates computer software I help her, now I get really picky about software. Bye!!!!!!

Dear Marie,

Thank you for teaching me some Swedish. Jag hår en katt. Jag heter Alex. Katt heter Pumpkin. Jag år en pojke. Du ar en flicka. Du hår en hasta. Du hår en hund. Du heter Marie. Hund heter Max. Hasta heter Carmen. Did I do it right? I cant find all the spechel letters on the keybord. Aj o, Aj o!!!

Dear Linnea,

I do remember you asking if I understand. In English your brother's nickname would be Billy. I like to make cookies too. My favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chip, because I get to eat the chips. At Christmas time my mom, dad and I make a ginger bread house. Sometimes I get to design it. Sometimes my mother just uses the plans from last year. We put lots of candy on it. Do you have your own room when you go over to your father's house? Aj o, Aj o!!!

Dear Tom,

I went fishing a few times at a local lake with my grandpa. We didn't catch anything but I learned how to tie knots. It was nice being with my grandpa. Last week my grandpa and I walked to the park and flew a kite. We put my mom's key chain ornament on the line and it went up 300 feet! (Even though there were no clouds in the sky, Grandpa took the keys off the key chain first.) Bye!

Dear Martin,

I have a program called Avara that I like to play. It's also a networked game. I have a friend and he also has Avara. Sometimes we meet on the internet just to blow each other up in this game. is the place to go to get the game. I am designing my own levels now. It's an English program- perhaps I could create some levels in Swedish and send them to you. Are the 18-20 year olds your family? Hej Då!

Dear Ellinor,

Yes, I like Sweden. It's very different from the US. I don't have any favorite artists. I learned a little Swedish but not a lot. I have one cat, her name is Pumpkin. There is a lady who we listen on the radio whose name is Elinor. People come to her when they are looking for a good restaurant-for weddings and for regular eating. She is funny because she always says, "Hello, my darlings" when she starts the show. She always talks about herself and sings songs and junk during the show too. There is a lot less stuff about restauranting than there should be in her show, but it's fun to listen to. Bye!

Dear Amanda,

First, let me thank you for letting me come to stay with you at your house and letting me come with you at school. It's nice that we get to see each other every once in a while. My favorite colors are yellow and green. I've always liked yellow. I used to say 'lellow instead of yellow. On Saturday night my father and I watch a program on TV called MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000). There are these three guys trapped on this satellite and chased by a character named Pearl. The three guys are forced to watch bad movies. You can see their little silhouettes at the bottom of the screen and hear their funny comments while you see the movie along with them. My favorite movies and books lately are about Star Wars. We went to Hollywood to see the remake of one of the Star Wars movies. It was nice. My favorite foods are: pizza, Chinese take-out and mashed potatoes. Bye for now!

Dear Kristoffer,

I like to play on the computer a lot too. I like to play games but I like it best when I can change them. I use a program called ResEdit to change everything in a game so it isn't that game anymore, it becomes something completely different. Bye!

Dear Anat,

Do you own the horse you care for? Did you get tired of taking piano lessons? Is there another instrument you are going to learn instead? Bye!

Dear Oscar,

What is Synth? I don't know how it is different from music. My "Activities" or hobbies are Computers, Tennis and Magic Cards. Bye!

Dear Erik,

What does your father consult for? Does he often go to Laos? My father gets invited to speak on Educational Technology in different countries. That's why we were in Sweden. I liked it a lot. Bye!

Dear Christian,

Sorry I haven't written you yet. I just got your letter. Thank you for writing. It is taking me a long time to answer all the letters I got from your classmates. What did you want me to get you with the money you sent? I forgot if you told me while I was there. We used to have fish but didn't do a good job of raising them so we sold them along with their tank. We are doing a good job with our cat. She likes to sleep in a basket. She lets us pick the basket by the handle and she stays in it and looks around. There are lots of tourist things to do in San Diego and many hotels. Last weekend I went to the art museum and saw drawings made by Eischer. He was from Holland I think. The drawings were neat, I am going to try to do that kind of drawing on the computer. After that we walked to the Science Museum. They made it bigger while we were away on our trip last spring. It was cool because they had lots of things that made me dizzy and I felt like I was going to throw up (kradas) a few times. Next week we are going to Florida to see my grandmother. She is very ill now. Bye for now.

Dear Setareh,

I quit going to school because I always got the crummy teachers. I thought your teachers were very nice. I liked being in your class for two days, but I like being home educated a lot so I don't think I will be going back to a regular school ever (except for university). I guess my favorite number is 13- I don't know why- I never really thought of it before. What is your favorite number and color? I have always liked yellow the most. Amanda's parents and my mother met a long time ago while my mother was going to university in Sweden. We see them about every other year. One time we surprised each other by both being in Plymouth Plantation at the same time. She has come to my home a few times- this was my first time at her home. It was very nice. Amanda and her parents are very nice to us. Bye for now.

Dear Henrik,

I don't know the Hanson's music but I do know that they are all home educated like me. How many people are in your music class? My mom always says the guitar is a good instrument to learn as you can take it with you to parties and things. Bye for now!