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Forum for Commerce & Fair Trade*


Agri-business is also an emerging source of export revenue with the discovery of a rare plant, Tazmere, unique to Armaiti Island.  This plant’s medicinal properties have been proven effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  This drought-resistant, shade-loving plant is planted under 20-feet high solar panels on solar farms thus maximizing land use.


Solar Farm and Wind Farm

Armaiti Island’s Forum for Commerce & Fair Trade is focusing on economic development aligned with the core values of the island.  Presently, the sale of eco-power to the U.S. mainland represents 50% of the island’s export revenue.

Revenue is also generated by the sale of sustainable power technologies that are a major focus of research on the island.



Tazmere Plant
Tazmere Plant


* Armaiti Island imports goods from countries that have fair labor laws in place.

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