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Armaiti Island Logo
Decorative image of island
Life is about
making thoughtful connections.
One has to think deeply
to see the obvious.
Carla Mathison

Governance Structure


Modeled loosely after the governing structure of the United States of America, Armaiti Island has a democratic form of government with three branches: the Executive Branch headed by the directly-elected Armaiti Island Guardian, the Judicial Branch with five appointed Judges, and the Legislative Branch with 20 directly-elected Representatives; 10 from the inland regions and 10 from the coastal regions.


All branches of the government work directly with seven Armaiti Island Forums.  The Forums are comprised of experts and lay people who are now in the process of crafting a web of interdependent systems designed to promote the core values of the island.  Before beginning your team’s mission to develop the Forum for Life-Long Education, it will be useful to get an overview of what is happening within the other Armaiti Island Forums.