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Armaiti Island Logo


Decorative image of island
The greatest
were at first
and for a time
The oak sleeps
in the acorn.
James Allen

Your mission


Because of your knowledge of brain-based and authentic learning, you have been selected to be part of a team of educators who will conceptualize an innovative, state-of-the-art system of education for the people of the Armaiti Island.  This process will take place in three phases.  In Phase #1, your team will craft an Armaiti Island Philosophy of Education statement.  In Phase #2, you and your fellow team members will assume specific roles as you create a vision of what education looks like on Armaiti Island.  Finally, in Phase #3, you will have an opportunity to individually design instruction on a particular topic for your learner population.


Before beginning your mission, it is important to become more familiar with Armaiti Island.  So, unpack your bags, introduce yourselves to your team members, and start exploring!  A good place to begin is with Armaiti Island’s recently-established core values and governance structure.