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forum for peace & world relations



In 2016, Armaiti Island will host an international conference designed to address issues of global concern.  The major purpose of this conference will be to provide a safe venue for underrepresented countries to share their perspectives on problems and potential solutions.

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The people of Armaiti Island believe that the homeland is most secure when interactions with other peoples of the world are mutually productive and just. Armaiti Island is part  of the United Nations and participates actively in organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Global Exchange and the Institute for International Mediation & Conflict Resolution.


While all of the Armaiti Island FORUMS play an integral role in working for peace and social justice, The Forum for Peace & World Relations is allocated 5% of the island’s annual gross national product to provide financial support to international non-profit organizations dedicated to global health and welfare and to support island citizens who choose to work with these organizations. 

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