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Phase 2: Vision of Armaiti Island Education Presentation: Questions to Address: Team Roles: Guidelines: Evaluation Rubric

Team roles

Because all of these five areas are interconnected, it will be critical for the team to work together.  It is useful, however, for each team member to have an area of particular focus.  In your designated role, your responsibility is to take the lead in presenting possibilities, issues, concerns, etc. from that area’s perspective as you join in dialogue with the other members of your team.

Of course, this does not mean that you are prevented from offering ideas in all areas.  It is just a way of making sure that all five perspectives are well-represented as you work on the Phase #2 task. 

Chart showing five roles
A vision is not
just a picture of
what could be;
it is an appeal to
our better selves,
a call to become something more.
Rosabeth Moss