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Phase 2: Vision of Armaiti Island Education Presentation: Questions to Address: Team Roles: Guidelines: Evaluation Rubric

Guidelines for Armaiti island presentation


The people of Armaiti Island have asked your team to develop a Powerpoint presentation that addresses the six questions they have posed.  This presentation should contain the following elements:

1.  Title Slide

a. the Armaiti Island Forum for Life-Long Education PowerPoint logo (to download the logo image: on a PC, click logo, right click on the logo image, choose Save image as...and save it to your local drive; on a Mac, click logo, then press control + click, and choose Save Image as...then insert the image into PowerPoint),

b. any additional title/graphic/picture you wish {optional}, and

c. team members’ names (in alphabetical order) and follow each name by that team member’s role)

2.  Philosophy of Education Statement (developed in Phase #1)

3.  Team’s Vision of Education on Armaiti Island

(This is the core of your presentation.  Address all six questions. The questions do not need to be addressed in any particular order but each must be addressed clearly and thoroughly.  The use of a combination of text, graphic organizers and pictures is strongly recommended within the presentation in order to optimize clarity and interest.)

NOTE: Your presentation will be sent to Armaiti Island residents electronically so design it to be self-contained. You will not actually be doing a face-to-face presentation.  You may include as many features of Powerpoint as your skills allow [visual, sound, narration, action buttons, etc.] but make sure the presentation does not contain ‘bells and whistles’ that serve little purpose and/or could be distracting.  Save your presentation as Armaiti Island Phase #2 <your group # here>).

A vision is not
just a picture of
what could be;
it is an appeal to
our better selves,
a call to become something more.
Rosabeth Moss