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In San Diego, California, 1,100 public school students from the inner city are attending a program called, School in the Park (SITP) for approximately one-fourth of their 3rd, 4th and 5th grade education.  This unique program, a partnership between San Diego State University and Price Charities, blends rigorous academic standards with hands-on, experiential curricula using community resources at 10 institutions within San Diego’s famous Balboa Park.  From six to nine weeks a year, these 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students study at the park’s ten museums (including the San Diego Zoo) receiving instruction from museum educators during the mornings and from their regular classroom teachers in the afternoons. This dynamic teaching/learning context fosters students’ active engagement in authentic, multi-sensory, purposeful exploration and study that is carefully articulated with state education standards.

Dr. Carla Mathison is the San Diego State University faculty liaison with School In The Park.  She works closely with the SITP Director, Lead Teacher, museum educators, classroom teachers and parents to foster a blend of formal and informal education that reflects a solid grounding in 1) socio-cultural learning theory, 2) situated cognition, and 3) educational neuroscience.

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