We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident
Asian American Culture


Answer the following questions. Type your answers into the answer template (download and open file "ansasian" with any word processor or text editor).

Read Beyond Culture: Communicating with Asian American Children & Families.

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean students, in general, have experienced academic success in U.S. schools and are often the litmus against which all other Asian students are measured. As you have read, such comparisons are not only unwise, but can lead to inequitable educational experiences for these students.

  1. What are some major cultural differences between the East Asian groups and the Pacific Islander/Southeast Asian groups which help explain the different kinds of experiences students and their families have in school?
  2. What three aspects of the PI and SE Asian cultures do you find particularly important for schools (i.e., teachers, principals, counselors, and other school personnel) to understand as they work with Asian students? Why are these so critical?
  3. Which two practitioner suggestions did you find most helpful for working with Asian parents?


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