We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident
About Democratic Schools


All students will visit these two Web sites and answer the following questions. Type your answers into the answer template (download and open file "ans1.txt" with any word processor or text editor).

1. Visit the site, Parents for Public Schools of Jackson, Mississippi. Read the MISSION STATEMENT, the HISTORY, and the PHILOSOPHY. How does the organization reflect democratic principles in our schools? List 3 or 4 ways.

2. In Cultural Diversity and Academic Achievement, Barbara Bowman makes the distinction between developmental failure and social mismatch. What is this distinction? Offer an example.

3. In her conclusions, Bowman offers several recommendations that she feels would enhance cross-cultural teaching/learning effectiveness. Study each of these recommendations. How do these recommendations reflect the principles of democratic schooling found in the Parents for Public Schools site you visited in #1 ?

4. In Civic Education for Constitutional Democracy, Patrick discusses three themes that are essential for us to address in our K-12 curriculum (civic knowledge, civic skills, civic virtues). Select a grade level and generate at least two examples of how you might address each of these themes.



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Written by Dr. Carla Mathison (cmathiso@mail.sdsu.edu) and Dr.Cathy Pohan
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Last Update September 2000
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