We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident
Issues of Disabled Students


Use the Web links to answer the following questions. Type your answers into the answer template (download and open file "ansdis" with any word processor or text editor).

  1. Read Educating Exceptional Children. What are the different categories of exceptional children? At the conclusion of this report, trends in special education are discussed. Do you agree with the statement, "Today it is recognized that valuable contributions may be made even by people with severe handicaps." Have you seen indications of this in your personal experiences? If so, what are/were they?
  2. Take a close look at the excerpt from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms. Then read about activites and support systems commonly found where successful inclusion is taking place. Do you see these practices and policies in your schools? If so, what form do they take? If not, what steps might move you closer?
  3. Read I Am The Child. Write a response back to each of these children that expresses your commitment to them. For each child, what will you pledge?

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