We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident
Gender Issues in Education


Use the Web links to answer the following questions. Type your answers into the answer template (download and open file "ansgen.txt" with any word processor or text editor).

1. As you explore Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848-1998, pay special attention to the concerns expressed in the Declaration of Sentiments. As you continue to read, there is a discussion about issues that confront women as we move into the new millennium (see MORE COMPLEX ISSUES SURFACE). Look at the concerns expressed in the Declaration of Sentiments and compare these with the contemporary concerns. What is the same about the concerns? What is different? From past and present concerns, can you predict some future concerns?


2. Visit Expect the Best from Girls, That's What You'll Get and explore the "What parents can do ..." section completely . Even though it's written for parents, many of the suggestions apply to teachers as well. How might these suggestions affect curriculum decisions you make?


3. Explore Facts about Women and Work. Why is it important to focus on gender issues and inequities in education?



100 Celebrated Chinese Women

National Women's History Project

African-American Women

4000 Years of Women in Science & Mathematics

Lesbian History Project





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