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Allison has revamped her popular and award-winning 1999 book, First Things Fast, A Handbook for Performance Analysis. This 2009 edition updates technology, questions, and examples— check it out.

job aids

To Knowledge Everywhere

Allison Rossett's new book advances the shift from knowledge in the classroom to knowledge everywhere. Yes, everywhere. On shelves above employees desks, in pockets and purses, on airplanes and on dashboard displays, on walls next to equipment and chemicals, in drawers beneath computer keyboards, on cell phones, underneath and inside phones, via headphones, and even on matchbook covers, performance support enriches life and work. What is performance support? Rossett and co-author Lisa Schafer define it this way:

"A helper in life and work, performance support is a repository for information, processes, and perspectives that inform and guide planning and action."

Read all about it in the 2007 book. And try out a free tool to help you consider if performance support is right for your challenge and situation:

Comprehensive and compelling!

An ASTD/McGraw-Hill handbook, with contributions from Marc Rosenberg, Gloria Gery, Brandon Hall, Wayne Hodgins, Thiagy, Bob Hoffman, Elliot Masie, and many, many other authors. That's 45 chapters chock full of strategy, tactics and case studies! Read all about it in a
Chronicle of Higher Education review.

To purchase, McGraw-Hill online or 800-2MCGRAW.

Learning Handbook

Podium Cover

Now available at

Rossett, A. & Sheldon, K. (2001). Beyond the Podium: Delivering Training and Performance to a Digital World. SF: Jossy Bass. Here's a web
site chock full of tools that support the book.

This book won the ISPI Instructional Communications award in 2001!

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More award-winning books:

Rossett, A. (1999). First Things Fast A Handbook for Performance Analysis. SF: Jossey Bass/Pfeiffer. Also an ISPI award winner.

Rossett, A.& Gautier-Downes, J. H. (1991) A Handbook of Job Aids. Pfeiffer Associates: San Diego, CA., 198 pp.

Rossett, A. (1987) Training Needs Assessment. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Educational Technology Publications, 298 pp.

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Recent Chapters and Articles:

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More Published Articles:

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