HomeMaker is a HyperCard stack designed to help anyone create a personal home page without worrying about HTML. It consists of a series of cards with fields to type information in about your e-mail address, affiliation, background, interests and goals. At the end, a single button click runs a script that takes the information, formats it in HTML, and outputs a text file ready to be placed on a server.

HomeMaker is available only for Macintosh.

HomeMaker in Action

Since being placed on America On-Line and Info-Mac, HomeMaker has been adopted by sites all over the world. Here are some places where you can see examples of home pages started with HomeMaker:

Comments from Users

"Thanks for the help and for making HomeMaker available. I used it with a new group of graduate students this summer. They were so excited when they discovered they could get up on the WWW the first day of class - motivating!" - Chauncy Rucker, University of Connecticut

"I used HomeMaker stack (slightly customized for our situation) as a way of getting two workshops on basic homepage creation up on the web by the end of the first morning session. Learning to use Fetch to create the appropriate directory and get their html files and mug shot gifs "put" on the server took far longer than running through HomeMaker! We then followed up on this activity by reworking their HomeMaker-produced html files in WWWWeaver into something more customized to their liking. It was a very successful progression of events and a very positive experience for the participants. Muchos gracias for HomeMaker!" - Luther Rotto, St. Cloud State University

Adam Engst's book Internet Starter Kit (2nd Edition) said this: "HomeMaker, written by Bernie Dodge, is a nicely-done, freeware HyperCard stack that walks you through creating a home page. Bernie intends the stack not only for individuals, but also for organizations that want to provide members with a simple way to make a home page that includes some standard text and a link to a particular page at the organization's Web site. If you want to make a home page without using a lick of HTML, this stack could be exactly the tool you need. "

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