Other Interesting Facts

I've given workshops in São Paulo three times over the last decade and enjoy listening to my growing collection of Brazilian music.

At the age of 12 I made John F. Kennedy and several Secret Service officers flinch.

My wife June and I met at the Fall, 1983 CUE conference. June is probably the only person to have been president of two CUE affiliates: San Diego CUE and Orange County CUE. When our son Alex was born, the organization's newsletter carried his picture with the caption "The ultimate CUE Baby".

When Alex turned 14, his favorite gift from us was his own domain name and web space. I handed him a book on PHP a few days later, and within a week he had written his own blogging program. See http://alexdodge.net to monitor the ever-changing result. Alex graduated from High Tech High in 2006 and now attends UCSD's John Muir College majoring in Cognitive Science.

There's some hormone that kicks in when you reach a certain age, one that suddenly allows you to appreciate opera and start a garden. As part of that phase-change, I'm now getting interested in digging back through my family tree, starting with the part I know least about, my father's Dirgincius ancestry. One happy result of that research was visiting my distant cousins in Vilnius in the summer of 2001.

Ever think about what you'd do with your time if you had no other obligations? Here's my list for the first three months of that imagined vacation:

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I've visited 35 countries (15.5%)
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How does Google decide what order to put things in? It's a trade secret, but one amusing outcome of their algorithm is that for a long time, I was the #1 Bernie!

Recently I was toppled from my perch by a Bernie who sells furniture in Massachusetts. Fame is fleeting. But being on the first page of hits still isn't bad!