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(Apr. 17, 1996)

Bernstein/EFF case - victory for privacy and free speech in round one! Judge rejects govt. motion to dismiss. Judge also rules software protected expression, and takes Dept. of State to task for prior restraint.

New Encrypted Communications Privacy Act Introduced in Congress by Leahy & Goodlatte - Despite a few problems, pro-Net bill would release export restrictions on crypto, enabling the flowering of online security & privacy.

Communications Decency Act consitutional challenge updates and case docs includingFull text of the CDA section of the 1996 Telecommunication Act and EFF's analysis of it.

Electronic Freedom March on Washington

A 3 Day Modern Rock Adventure:
The Event Formerly Known as the Mosport Musical Festival!
EFF Benefit Concert (3 days, July 12-14 Toronto Canada)
Contest: Pick a new name for the event, win free tickets.

Click here for more info. Quite a few top-name bands will be there. Highlights will be cybercast. Tickets will be available online shortly.

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