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"Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history."

The American Civil War Homepage gathers together in one place hypertext links to the most useful identified electronic files about the American Civil War (1861-1865). The page opens a gateway to the Internet's multi-formatted resources about what is arguably the seminal event in American history. Not only was the War the occasion for the abolition of slavery, but by conflict's end the re-United States had emerged as a modern, industrialized power.

It is this sense of history, transcending the stale recitation of dates and facts and alive with meaning, to which Lincoln referred when he wrote in 1862, "Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history."

The links gathered in this Homepage are a metaphor for the interconnections of the War's past with our present and future. Thus, technology reveals the deep-structure of the human experience and helps to explain the continuing American fascination with the struggle between North and South, free and slave.

Outline of Resources

  1. General Resources: Timelines/Overviews, etc. 19 April 1996
  2. The Secession Crisis
  3. Graphic Images 19 April 1996
  4. Letters, Accounts, Diaries and Other Documentary Records 19 April 1996
  5. Modern Histories; FAQs; Bibliographies
  6. State/Local Studies 11 April 1996
  7. Specific Battles 14 April 1996
  8. Rosters of Combatants 15 April 1996
  9. Miscellaneous Military Information 19 April 1996
  10. Civil War Reenactors 19 April 1996
  11. Civil War Round Tables
  12. Links to Other Information Sites

 General Resources: Timelines/Overviews, etc.
  1. The Museum of the Confederacy 15 April 1996
  2. Smithsonian Associates Civil War Studies
  3. From Jackson to Lincoln (from the Pierpont Morgan Library)
  4. Selected Civil War Photographs from the Library of Congress
  5. A Civil War Chronology 19 April 1996
  6. The Gettysburg Archive 19April 1996
  7. The Gettysburg Address Exhibit from the Library of Congress
  8. The American Civil War, 1861-1865: World Wide Web Information Archive
  9. The Valley of the Shadow: Living the Civil War in Virginia and Pennsylvania
  10. H-CivWar (via H-NET)
  11. National Museum of Civil War Medicine (via Virtual Museum of Medicine)
  12. E-HAWK Cadre (general military information)
  13. Mil-Hist: The WWW Site for Military History Scholars (now part of E-HAWK Cadre)
  14. U.S. Civil War Center
  15. American Civil War (compiled by Tom Townshend)
  16. Carroll College Civil War Institute

 The Secession Crisis
  1. The Crittenden Compromise (courtesy of Jim Epperson)
  2. Causes of the Civil War (more information from Jim Epperson)
  3. The Impending Crisis (from "Valley of the Shadow")

  Graphic Images
  1. Selected Civil War Photographs from the Library of Congress
  2. Civil War Images
  3. Pictures of the Civil War (from the National Archives)
  4. Images of Fredericksburg, VA, during the War (from Ahoynet Info Services)
  5. Maps and Images. Contents include regimental photographs, flags, Gettysburg campaign maps, and various scenes of the battle at Gettysburg and its aftermath. Images of individuals include Ambrose Burnside, Edward Everett, George Meade, George Pickett, J.E.B. Stuart, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, and Mathew Brady. 19 April 1996
  6. Other Images. Images include the ship C.S.S. Georgia, U.S. Grant, "Stonewall" Jackson, and William T. Sherman.
  7. Images from the Wisconsin Historical Society
  8. USS Monitor (prototype of a CD-ROM product)
  9. Jefferson Davis
  10. Geography of Pennsylvania and Virginia
  11. Gettysburg: Image and Caption
  12. U.S. flag during the War 2 April 1996
  13. Confederate flags during the War 2 April 1996
  14. Comprehensive bibliography and guide to the Library of Congress's collections containing photographs of African Americans during the War
  15. U.S. Army Military History Institute Photograph Database (searchable--descriptions only)

  Letters, Accounts, Diaries and Other Documentary Records

    A. Public Documents
    1. Abraham Lincoln Section (section of the Pierpont Morgan Library's "From Jackson to Lincoln" -- see above)
    2. The Emancipation Proclamation
    3. The Gettysburg Address
    4. Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
    5. Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
    6. Davis's Farewell to the U.S. Senate, January 21, 1861
    7. Davis's Inaugural Address as President, C.S.A., February 18, 1861
    8. Davis's Address to the Provisional Confederate Congress (April 29, 1861) (courtesy of Jim Epperson)
    9. The Constitution of the Confederate States of America
    10. Some Pennsylvania and Virginia newspapers
    11. Index of Indiana Governor Oliver P. Morton's Telegraph Books (searchable)
    12. Civil War Quotations (presented by Tom Townshend)
    13. Declarations of Causes of Seceding States (Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas)
    14. Mississippi's Declaration re: the Right of Secession (November 1860)

    B. Personal Documents
    1. At Gettysburg (Retrospective of Mrs. Tillie Alleman) 19 April 1996
    2. 35 Days to Gettysburg (Dual Diary Entries) 19 April 1996
    3. Diary Excerpts from 10-year-old Carrie Berry of Atlanta, 1 August 1864 to 4 January 1865 19 April 1996
    4. Robert E. Lee to Jefferson Davis, 5 July 1864 and the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg 19 April 1996
    5. George B. McClellan to Abraham Lincoln, 7 July 1862 on the Union defeat during the Peninsula Campaign
    6. Dabney H. Maury's reminiscences about the War 11 April 1996
    7. Varina Davis: Christmas in the Confederate White House
    8. Letters from an Iowa Solider
    9. Personal Papers from Pennsylvania and Virginia
    10. Diaries of G. D. Molineaux
    11. Letters of Richard W. Burt of the 76th Ohio Infantry
    12. William Newby...or, The Soldier's Return
    13. Selected Civil War Letters at the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina
    14. Civil War Resources in the Virginia Tech Libraries Special Collections (some manuscripts online)
    15. 1861 Diary from Georgia
    16. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
    17. VMI Archives: Civil War Sources (includes manuscripts, records, and images)
    18. The University of Tennessee-Knoxville's online manuscript guides
    19. Letter of Levi Pennington (December 1862) -- (Courtesy of Paulette Delano Dias)
    20. Diary of George Ervay (January-March 1863) -- Courtesy of Marjorie Neufer 15 April 1996
    21. Diary of James Laughlin Orr (Nov-Dec 1864) (includes Sherman's March to the Sea)
    22. The Civil War Letters of Galutia York (transcripts of nearly 50 letters, 1862-1863; includes some images)

 Modern Histories; FAQs; Bibliographies
  1. A Civil War Reading List (Version 2.0)
  2. An Alternate Reading List
  3. Frequently Asked Questions, Part 1 from alt.war.civil.usa (Version 3.11) 25 March 1996
  4. Frequently Asked Questions, Part 2 from alt.war.civil.usa (Version 3.11) 25 March 1996
  5. Lt. Gen. Cadmus Wilcox
  6. Money During the War
  7. The Electric Cemetery (contains several historical files)
  8. Sectional Conflict (chapter 5 of "From Revolution to Reconstruction" via the Netherlands)
  9. Excerpts from Jewel of the Cotton Fields: A History of Secessionville Manor (by Richard N. Cote)
  10. An Excerpt from Mary's World: The William Bull Pringles in Peace and War, 1800-1884 (by Richard N. Cote)
  11. Mobile Bay: First Strike for Grant's Strategy 14 April 1996
  12. The Other Battle of Mobile Bay (by Art Bergeron) 14 April 1996
  13. The Civil War in Knoxville, Tennessee
  14. The Ulysses S. Grant Association
  15. Ulysses S. Grant Network Home Page (includes links to other sites as well as Grant's two presidential inaugural addresses)
  16. The Major General Edward "Allegheny" Johnson, C.S.A. Page (includes primary documents)
  17. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (via National Park Service -- under construction)
  18. The Papers of Jefferson Davis Home Page 9 April 1996

 State/Local Studies
  1. Illinois in the Civil War
  2. Indiana in the Civil War
  3. Civil War Monuments in Maryland 11 April 1996
  4. Mississippi Civil War Information
  5. Ohio and the War
  6. Ohio in the Civil War (includes multiple links)
  7. 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  8. 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  9. Letters of Richard W. Burt of the 76th Ohio Infantry
  10. The Civil War in Charleston, SC
  11. The 84th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (via Roderick Gainer) 19 April 1996

 Specific Battles
  1. Battle of Corinth, MS
  2. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park
  3. Orders of Battle at Antietam (Sharpsburg), Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and the Wilderness Campaign
  4. Antietam National Battlefield
  5. Harper's Ferry
  6. Manassas (Bull Run) National Battlefield
  7. Monocacy National Battlefield
  8. Battle of Gettysburg
    1. Gettysburg: Order of Battle (Union)
    2. Gettysburg: Order of Battle (Confederate)
    3. Gettysburg Discussion Group
    4. Gettysburg National Military Park (under construction)
  9. Civil War Advisory Commission Battle Descriptions (Main contents page via National Park Service)
  10. Battlefields by State (via National Park Service)
  11. Lee's Retreat: The Final Days of the Civil War
  12. Battle of Olustee (Florida)

 Rosters of Combatants
  1. U.S. Civil War Generals (Confederate Only) (from Kerry Webb)
  2. Civil War Units File: Unit Designations by States (Union and Confederate: version 3.4) 4 April 1996
    1. USA National & States A-I
    2. USA States K-N
    3. USA States O-W
    4. CSA National & States A-M
    5. CSA States N-V
  3. 15th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry (courtesy of Joy Gilchrist)
  4. The Electric Cemetery (contains Civil War section with pension record information)
  5. Virginia and Pennsylvania Units (searchable)
  6. 51st Virginia Infantry (via M.J. Loyd)
  7. The Iron Brigade of the West (via Carroll College)
  8. 20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA
  9. Blount County, Alabama Genealogy Home Page (contains rosters and modern histories of Confederate Regiments)
  10. Alabama Regiments in the Army of the United States 22 March 1996
  11. Overall Organization of Armies (Union and Confederate) 19 April 1996
  12. Ideal Organization of Confederate Army c1863 19 April 1996
  13. 22nd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (via Becky Falin) 15 April 1996
  14. 40th Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry (via Becky Falin) 15 April 1996

 Miscellaneous Military Information
  1. Ships of the Confederate Navy
  2. Slang Used During the War Era 19 April 1996
  3. Medical Vocabulary during the War Era 19 April 1996
  4. Soldiers' Vocabulary 19 April 1996
  5. Chief Types of Artillery 19 April 1996
  6. Small Arms 19 April1996
  7. Evolution of the Confederate Flag 19 April 1996
  8. General Description of Civil War Uniforms 19 April 1996
  9. The Hunley Web Site (information about the CSS Hunley)

Civil War Reenactors
  1. The Civil War Reenactors
  2. Confederate States Navy and Marines Reenactors, Galveston Chapter
  3. American Civil War Reenacting (6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment)
  4. Meagher's Irish Brigade
  5. 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment
  6. Battle of Secessionville
  7. National Civil War Association (NCWA)
  8. American Civil War Association (ACWA)
  9. 14th Brooklyn New York State Militia
  10. Archer's Brigade
  11. 10th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry
  12. 10th South Carolina Ladies Auxilliary
  13. 1st South Carolina Artillery
  14. 1st South Carolina (USA) (African American)
  15. 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry(African American)
  16. 47th New York Volunteer Infantry
  17. First Kansas Volunteer Infantry and Kansas Women's Relief Corps
  18. 3rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company A, Inc. 24 March 1996
  19. 37th North Carolina State Troops
  20. 44th Virginia Infantry 21 March 1996
  21. 38th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Company "H" 11 April 1996
  22. Battle of Shiloh Reenactment Announcement 14 April 1996
  23. 33rd Alabama Infantry, CSA, Company E 18 April 1996
  24. 5th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers 19 April 1996

Civil War Round Tables
  1. The Tennessee Valley Civil War Round Table
  2. Cincinnati Civil War Round Table
  3. Central Ohio Civil War Round Table
  4. Charleston Civil War Round Table
  5. The Civil War Round Tables of Indiana
  6. Bull Run Civil War Round Table (Manassas, Virginia)

Telnet Links to Other General Information Sites
  1. The Library of Congress
  2. The University of California unified online catalog (Melvyl)

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