We want your experience with Amigos to be a happy and productive one. Amigos is a starting point for your informational needs. Amigos is dynamic and ever-changing in response to you, the users. For this reason, we encourage you to send in your ideas, comments, and opinions which will then be used to direct our future development.


Although Amigos has been created in conjunction with a professional psychologist/counselor, Amigos is not intended to provide treatment of any kind. Amigos is experimental in nature. It is not intended to substitute for the kind of relationships offered in counseling. But, instead, to provide you with information which may prompt you to look for new sources of additional help. The use of a website for information is not correlated with any traditional service or counseling. Amigos is not meant to replace face to face counseling or treatment.

If you want to connect with other people online, we have created a short list of places where other students and teachers can be found called "Keypals, Chats, and links to the Online Community." We believe that Amigos is a place where you can express yourself and listen to others who are facing the same struggles and challenges. We, at Amigos, hope that you will find this website supportive, educational, informational, and uplifting.


It is important to remember that on the Internet and when using email, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. All questions and comments are sent to Dr. Carmen Guanipa. Sometimes Dr. Guanipa will post comments and/or questions. Your name and email address will not be used. Your email address is required if you would like to receive an answer to your questions or comments. Choosing to interact on this website by sending questions, comments, or completing surveys is strictly voluntary. Thank you. Please enjoy your visit.


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