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Looking for a place to share stories, swap experiences, find information or ask questions? You've come to the right place. We often get asked how to meet other people online. This is really not the purpose of Amigos. Amigos is a website of interest to, but not limited to, ethnically diverse middle school and high school students, parents, teachers and interested adults. Amigos consists of several components including informational essays, resources for locating help, and sharing personal stories and intergenerational experiences. The Amigos staff is eager to use ISDN-based videoconferencing and other kinds of electronic collaboration with students, teachers and others interested in ethnic diversity, culture shock, self-esteem, and other related topics.

Amigos est‡ disponisble en Espa–ol tambiŽn.



A new survey has been made by a third party that is doing a study on Amigos. Please take the time to fill it out here.

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