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What's it all about?

We encourage you to communicate with us. We hope to provide information to help you manage your problems and concerns. This page allows you to send questions or suggest topics to Dr. Carmen Guanipa. Your message may be posted (anonymously) on this website. Carmen provides informational essays in response to some questions. Other questions receive short answers. It is possible that not all questions will be answered on this website. We cannot provide counseling services or treatment in response to your questions; but we can provide information and referrals. We are unable to respond directly to persons sending questions, comments, or suggestions.

You do not need to give us your name nor have your own e-mail account. By using the form below, you can send your question or suggest topics directly to Carmen at San Diego State University through this website. We read the questions, comments, and suggestions and then post responses on the Answers page.

What kinds of questions will we answer?

We can answer questions about family (How can I tell when my child needs professional help?), drugs (What are some basic signs of drug abuse?), self esteem (Why is self-esteem important?), relationships (How can I say 'no' and still have friends?), parenting (What can I do when I feel like I'm losing control?), about adolescent development, school problems, anxiety, depression, and friendship.

We are unable to answer some questions. There is a list on Individual and Family Counseling Clinic homepage that describes when professional counseling might be helpful. (You can visit that page now, and then use the "Back" button to return to this page).

If you need more immediate help and are not sure whom to call or where to go for help, try looking in your local phone book for possible resources such as 1) Counseling; 2) Crisis Lines; or 3) in an emergency, in the U.S.A., call 911. You might also call your local public library. The library reference staff is familiar with the various services available locally and can help you. If you are close to San Diego State, perhaps you would like to contact the Clinic.

Want to suggest a topic or send question?

Remember, you don't have to have an email account to send us mail. You will remain completely anonymous. You can use the form below to send email. Enter your question, comment, or suggestion in the blank space below. When you are done, simply click the "Send" button once. Your message will be sent to us. If you change your mind while typing, simply click the "Clear" button.

What happens next?

Your suggestions, questions and/or comments go directly to Dr. Carmen Guanipa. Later, you can return to the Amigos Answers page, to view responses. Sometimes, Carmen will write an essay on the topic, other times a shorter answer will be posted. Remember, we cannot send an answer directly to you when you send in an email from this page. Answers are only posted on the Answers page and not all questions will be answered.


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