Dr. Carmen Guanipa
photo E-Mail: guanipa@mail.sdsu.edu
Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling and School Psychology. Specialties: Couple and Family Therapy, Multicultural Counseling (Cross Psychology, Group Psychotherapy with Diverse Population & Intermarriage) & Health Psychology.


I was born and raised in Coro, a small town in the state of Falcón, along the Caribbean coast of Venezuela, on the continent of South America. I attended private schools run by nuns from kindergarten to high school. I was an "A" student who always did the right thing. Until high school, when I went through "my social reformer" phase. Ever since I can remember I have loved helping people so I decided to study Counseling Psychology at Zulia University. Upon graduation I started my university career as a professor there. As my career advanced I also picked up a philosophy degree. Then I won a government scholarship to study in Canada and I choose McGill University, for its reputation as a world class center for higher education, and received my M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees. During my second degree I followed a postgraduate training program at the Argyle Institute, an AAMFT accredited program in Multicultural Marriage and Family Therapy in Montreal. Working with families and couples was so exciting that upon graduation I developed my own private practice in three languages (Spanish, English and French). At the Institute I did double duties as the chairman of first the multicultural and then the research department. After having established the research rules and regulation for the ARGYLE Institute the lure of the academic world became strong again. This led me to San Diego and a position at the SDSU. Department of Counseling and School Psychology. I specialize in Child, Marriage, and Family Counseling and am currently directing the Individual and Family Counseling Clinic.

Interests, Activities & Plans

Presently I am teaching three courses in the Child, Marriage and Family Counseling Program:

I have a passion for these courses and they give me an opportunity to keep in touch with the community and to get to know the SDSU community. I am at this very moment putting the finishing touch to a journal article to be submitted for publication. I am also occupied with internship placements, community services, presentations, conferences and meetings. I feel very blessed to have all these opportunities, to be both productive and to be able to contribute to this great society of ours. I am committed to the mission to help marital and family therapists to become good clinicians and researchers, and multiculturally aware professionals.

I enjoy teaching and doing presentations, so if you need a motivated and trained speaker please don't hesitate to contact me. My repertoire is very broad and includes: multicultural training, family and marital therapy and health psychology. I look forward to opportunities to get in touch with families, couples, and parents in the community. Additionally, I can do presentations in English, Spanish or French. You can either call me or e-mail me. I will be very glad to hear from you.

Other Interesting Things

My hobbies include playing with my computer, surfing the net, answering my e-mail, listening to music while I drive to work, and doing community presentations. I enjoy skiing, swimming, playing tennis, camping and cheering on my son during his ice hockey game. By the way, I love my husband and my son. They are the light of my life. I also love to travel, so if you need a guest speaker for your institution in my areas of expertise, I would love to visit you. Please feel free to e-mail or call.

My current pet project is an exploration into telecommunications and the role that it can play in teaching, in community outreach and in providing counseling services. I am working with Linda Woods Hyman from Pacific Bell Education First to create a website called Amigos. We will provide information resources and special topics of interest to diverse populations and youth. We are using ISDN videoconferencing to reach out to parents, students and/or teachers on topics that they are interested in. Telecommunications provides a whole world of real-time interactive opportunities for participants.

My latest project is the development of an instrument to evaluate multicultural issues in clinical supervision "The EMIS". I am in the process of validating this instrument. If you are a supervisor of a supervisee in any counseling or marriage and family therapy program or in private practice, I would like to invite you to answer this questionnaire, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for all your cooperation.

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