...to TE655, an exploration of the Sociocultural Foundations of American Education. Both the history of public schools in the United States and the philosophical perspectives that have influenced that history fall within the scope of this course. Our purpose will be to attempt to achieve a better understanding of the current state of public education by examining the roots from which today's schools have sprung.

Dr. Kitchen


Resources on Current Issues in Education

Here's a listing of Web sites that provide articles, research and other kinds of information about current educational issues. Could be a good place to look for material that is relevant to your final paper!


General Evaluation Rubric for College Papers

A link to Paul Halsall's web page at Fordham University. This rubric "outlines basic elements of a good paper, and attaches grades to them." Professor Halsall's web site offers tremendous resources to the student of history, including the Internet History Sourcebooks.

Tom Torlino as he entered the Carlisle Indian School and a short time after the "reforming" process had begun.


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