by Diane Lapp, EdD.

San Diego State University

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The purpose of this webquest is to guide students through the process of actively researching notable literacy educators, seminal studies in four areas of literacy, and influential topics concerning literacy education. Students will be maneuvering through multiple websites to find information that will help build their knowledge about literacy and the importance of literacy education in today's schools.


The two major goals of this webquest are to help students become knowledgeable researchers as they learn how to locate, read, interpret, and evaluate the findings of educational research in literacy.  Additionally, they will gain a deeper understanding of the history of literacy including many seminal studies that have impacted literacy education, influential literacy educators who have changed the face of today's classroom instruction, and important concepts that all teachers should know.  This webquest will guide students through many important websites that contain information related to these two goals.  Students will then explore an area of research interest as they navigate into more intricate websites specific to the topic of their research.  This webquest, which encourages an appreciation for the importance and the utility of educational evaluation and research, will support each student's understanding of the history of literacy research.