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This webquest has helped you delve into the world of literacy research, instruction, and notable literacy educators.  As a student and teacher you have built a solid foundation of knowledge.  Your knowledge about literacy education will carry you into the future of education.  You have become analytical researchers by looking for factual information, identifying biases, and untrustworthy facts.  Hopefully you are now able to look at research and use it as a tool to help further your literacy education in your own classroom.  Literacy research is an ongoing process in which all teachers should participate.  To create a quality literacy program with your own students, you as a teacher must take part in this research and keep up to date on new information and the changing aspects of literacy.  The goal of this webquest was to help you create a deeper understanding of literacy education and notable literacy educators through the use of technology.  Many of you hopefully accomplished this goal and were able to attain new technological skills that you did not have at the start.  Education is always about learning and each day you, as a teacher, must support this philosophy both with your students and with yourself.