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To begin this class you will be required to divide into groups of four to five students.  Each group should consist of students with a range of teaching experience.  This will ensure an array of knowledge and experience in each group.  

Once you have formed your groups, you need to select one section of literacy you will be interested in researching throughout this course.  The four sections are:

Next, please exchange email addresses and contact information with your group members.  It will be important for each of you to stay in contact throughout the semester.  Once you have shared your contact information, please begin a discussion about your technological abilities. Each group should have at least one person who has a good technology background and can manuever through the Internet and use PowerPoint, Inspiration, and Word.

The next step in beginning this webquest is to join the International Reading Association (IRA), California Reading Association (CRA), Greater San Diego Reading Association, the History of Reading Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association which has a website on the History of Literacy (HOL), and National Society for the Study of Education (NSSE).  Individually you must join IRA, CRA, GSDRA, and HOL.  Once you have done this, as a group you can share a membership in the NSSE together.  These organizations are vital to you as an educator and also to your success in this webquest.  These sites will help you gain access to literacy research.

Each week you will be given time during class to work with your groups and individually.  However, this will not be enough time to adequately finish your assignments.  You will need to meet with your groups outside of this class to complete your work.